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Betty Page Reveals All (2012)

Betty Page Reveals All (2012)

Who doesn't know Betty Page? Then again, who really knows anything about Betty Page?

I've never delved that deep into the Betty Page phenomena myself, and never thought I would, but then came this movie and I'm suddenly made aware of what a fascinating character she truly was. Of course the movie's angled. A bit. Maybe. But nevertheless I find myself more intrigued by Betty - as she wants to be remembered - than I thought I'd be.

I thought I would skim this one, but I never did. Not a second. There's just so much footage! People speaking about Betty, Betty herself speaking about herself (she died in 2008 apparently, so it must have been before that) and her adventurous - at times very chaotic and confusing - life, and to accompany this there's also a massive amount of visual material flickering by in the background. And not just still images, but plenty of animated footage. Much of it indeed very revealing, as the title implies. It was a both entertaining and educating venture, through the life of one of the past century's most iconic women.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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