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Big Kill (2018)

Big Kill (2018)

Always feels so refreshing watching a Western! Like those old days was where it was all at. All these stories so easily capturing the essence of it all. Of the fight. Of friendship. Of life.

The cinematic music might not always fit in - especially when they're riding slowly, and there are some roads that look like they've been tread by more mobile beasts. Auto mobile, if you know what I mean. But the atmosphere does feel as Western as it can possibly feel otherwise, and the people too. Rough, tough and leather. Maybe not as schooled by the hard life as they seem to be in some movies, the older movies, but rough all the same.

Our main characters: three friends by chance and oddity (played by Christoph Sanders, Scott Martin and Clint Hummel), run into a strange town, run by Johnny Kane (Lou Diamond Phillips), The Preacher (Jason Patric) and their gang, in search of Jim's brother, who happens to be mayor.

But the mayor isn't always a major player.

I guess Stephanie Beran and Elizabeth McLaughlin deserve a mention too. And Danny Trejo! A small and not so menacing role though his may be.

It's a Western, and I'm happy to see it. The language was truly courteous, unusually so, and maybe that's also the one downside to it. Sometimes it feels they're verbally limited even past their time, holding in on words as to not make it inappropriate to the era; simplifying the characters further than necessary for the quiet type.

But then again that's often also the charm. Just a little more balance there and this'd be perfect. As it is it's definitely the newest oldest Western out there. It feels indecisively toned down and/or authentic.

I imagine they often make things seem a lot rougher than they really were - at least it can't have been that rough everywhere - in a lot of older movies of the sort, so in that regard this has a welcome softness to it.

It doesn't have the hugest cast or location, but it's got a good one, and the lack of flashiness is part of the appeal. It's like it should be. Real.

I think I've said that enough times at this point.

Real close to a top score too. Almost like a modern day Tombstone.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Jun/11/2019

    Kig Bill? Bill Kig? Kill Big? Big Bill? Kill Kig? something's missing here...

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/11/2019

    Kill Biggie? Pac Man? Em & Em? You might be onto something there...

  3. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/11/2019

    Or like our currency going all digital: Bill Kill.

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