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Big Swindle (2004)

Big Swindle (2004)

I'm on a roll with Korean movies! After watching The Thieves I wanted something more, so I watched this, and it was... OK. It's the story of one big con and the aftermath of that con. There's a set of cops and crooks, none with very certain loyalties, some more likable than others, some with relationships, some without, some with bad habits, some with handicaps... overall it's one big mixture of different personalities. They all get together for the one big job and a paycheck on five billion (which is probably not as incredibly much as it sounds, considering the currency). The introductory car chase is great, clean, professional, exiting, but after that it's mostly talk and drama.

Korean people seem to be a violent breed. It's like knocking about and hitting each other, or threatening to hit, or talking in a loud tone is all part of their culture. It's probably natural to them, but to me, watching this movie, it seems as if both good and bad guys are all hotheaded and violent, though mostly in a non-lethal way. There's a lot of shouting and threatening and... yeah, you know the drill. It was a good movie, but nowhere near as intense as The Thieves. The plot does twist, but it's not really as complex as the prior movie either. Still a good watch, but not that... special. I guess the main characters weren't extraordinarily charismatic either, though I did recognize one from the other movie. Maybe he's a big act in Korea. All in all it was good action, but a bit too much drama.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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