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Bioåret 2020

That'd be: The Cinema Year 2020.

I missed this one too, so without further ado...


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Gentleman


Didn't remember seeing more than one movie at the cinema this year, but apparently it was two! Shortly after the second one cinemas closed down nation-wide, the government recommended we self-isolate (pandemic, FYI future visitors) and most social establishments entered a state of dormancy for the next year or so...

Cinemas opened again a bit earlier than most, so early summer 2021 we were back at it again - albeit still with a limit on how many people could be in any one place at the same time, and both empty chairs and rows between all cinema visitors sitting in the same room.

Fortunately that's all ancient history now *knock on wood*! Monkeypox failed and... we're still watching movies. Hoorah.

So many good ones are coming out this year too. Can't wait.


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