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Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box (2018)

A thriller with Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich and MGK?! Was not expecting that! Trevante Rhodes might be worth mentioning too. And others.

MGK's acting talent may leave certain bits to be desired - he basically plays his regular crazy self, but like he's acting - but I do like how his self seems to be taken into consideration for the film, and I like the ambiguity of his particular fate in the film too. The main characters are definitely Sandra and Trevante though, who come together in the house of an unfriendly host (John), hiding from invisible creatures who hunt them, and make people who see them kill themselves.

So they live blind, raise two kids, make the best of their time, and the movie tells two stories in parallel. One of the past and one of the present, when in a frail little boat Sandra and her two kids dive into a wild river to flee their pursuers, and make their way to a safe haven that waits them.

It's well-filmed. It's bleak and dystopian. It's basically like any movie of the sort should be, even if the bleakness of it all just... feels pretty bleak, and when it's all over we're still left unaware of the fate the rest of the world suffered.

But maybe that's a bit of the point. Let the past be forgotten, so we can live on in our little box of birds, in a beautiful bliss and blind to our surroundings. Maybe no matter what the future holds there's a world for us after all.

Also about the four: I do appreciate Sandra, but she really isn't the best actor. There was another movie like this a while ago too, with Mother Earth being the villain more so than an invisible set of aliens (?). I liked the backstory better with that one. It had a message. But this was good too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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