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Birds Of Prey (2020)

Birds Of Prey (2020)

The trailer might've been totally misleading, but the movie? Hell yeah.

Harley seems a bit different here. A bit softer. She talks and acts a bit differently too, and I try to feel like it's a new side of her, but it feels more like she sometimes just moves outside her role a bit.

But then we have things like the dock scene with the grenade, and the rollerskate (not blade) chase, and all sorts of awesomeness that leave you hoping for a sequel... and appreciating the prequel to ditto if so. Of course.

It might not have the same level of wittiness as the Marvel movies do, but it's got a good kind of crazy, good fight choreography - even if they sometimes try a bit more than they can handle with the collaborative ones (like how you can see Harley clearly wobbling on the skates in the background while Canary beats up bad guys), good personas, and just a satisfying tale of revenge, and breaking free, and all that shizzle at once.

This is female empowerment done right. Doesn't belittle anyone, even if all the bad guys happen to be just that. Guys. Not that 'guys' seems to be gender-specific these days anyway. But anyway. Just goes all out.

Nice work DC.

These Gotham tales lately are getting pretty fun to follow.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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