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Biteful O-Existence Behind A Barstool

The poem of the day has such a fine mind,
It almost runs away still it's all I find.
A peek into my soul - a seeking of control,
Do I see - or am I blind?
A poem is a time of hope and promise.
A poem is a time to cope and be honest.
And each line is more than a metaphor
Each line is a score, a bet, a war! A spore.
Each time I read each line new threats emerge,
New steps to fend off an impending purge.
Each line is a queue and a cue and I too,
Lurch to the steepend as if I lept to birth!
Life crept up on me like a gnarly tree,
Gnarly Bark blares out on the radio - the world's crazy.
But I'm far from stuck, I'm perched like a shark-
Must be, swimming only in salt water of the sea
I see the people evily, I sleep and feel.
My meal's my mind and all that's real, a peaceful reef
We seethe our sheets and tweak the beat
Wake up with the musique in our minds and feel.
And breathe. Cause you only live once.

And then you leave.


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