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Black Mask (1996)

Watched through Black Mask tonight, maybe the fourth time doing so, and it really pumps me up. I feel like I own the world after watching it, and the same thing goes for all movies in the same genre. The same genre you ask? Movies with action, a lot of action, and filmography that manages to move around a lot and speed up things while still retaining clarity, really capturing the flow of the fight, and the fights are intense. IMDBs recommendations are disappointing though. I'm searching for something similar to this and they tell me to watch Spider-man 2 or a James Bond movie. Good movies indeed, but not even close to the same caliber as this one, and they're a completely different style, I think a suggestion such as FightClub, Wanted or Black Mask 2 would be a bit more relevant.

On a side note, I really hate the shakey camera technique so often being used nowadays. I watch the movie, I'm not in the the movie, so I don't mind seeing the action as a bystander. Obviously it's not too fun if you just see the whole action sequence from the side, without any close-ups or cuts it would get a bit dull, but they don't have to cut down on production quality to make it more realistic. With better equipment I thought we passed the stage of shakey side-effects during filming. Now even the cheap Hong Kong action movies made ten years back were better than they are today. What happened to the art of filmography? It's not about the level of shakiness in the movie, it's about the right angles, good transitions between cuts, smooth movement, an overall flow the industry seems to be forgetting. And adding shakey effects to CGI animations? Seems like just an excuse to cut down on working time, just skip it.

Been searching for Black Mask two too btw but I can't seem to find it nearby, all I read about it is bad reviews, and Jet Li isn't in it, but I still want to see it. Didn't know there was a sequel until I looked it up on IMDB today in search for similar movies, and it can't be that bad, can it? IMDB give it a three/ten.

The movies with the worst reviews have sometimes been some of the best ones I've seen though, and then later on some of them have been pretty recognized, like Banlieue 13 ... that's the only example I have but it is a kickass movie ... with a shitty sequel in this case. But anyhow, I'm moving away from the point here, if there is one. I just watched Black Mask and it was great, YEARGH. That's all I have to say. Good night peoples.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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