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Black Rain (1989)

Black Rain (1989)

Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia play cops, Nick Conklin and Charlie Vincent, two tough guys from the big city who just so happen to be at a bar when a Yakuza-man waltzes in and slices two guys throats. After a brief gunfight they catch the man and are assigned to take him on extradition to Japan. Simple, right? All during the flight I'm thinking something's about to happen, but they get there, they hand them over to the police, and then... the real police show up.

They get involved in a local mob war, team up with officer Masahiro (Ken Takakura), run into Joyce (Kate Capshaw), have a chat with a mob boss and... things happen. No spoiler alert. There are a few gunfights, a few fights, and even more so there's that eighties-nineties-eternal American-tough-guy-arrives-at-foreign-place-and-teaches-them-how-things-are-done attitude. Michael Douglas is a tough character, and this is a tough movie, not necessarily with the most elaborate storyline and strategy required to catch the perps, but with plenty of variation in scenery and characters that do leave a lasting impression. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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