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Blade 2 (2002)

Blade 2 (2002)

Compared to the original, the second one feels a bit too sped up, with too many special effects, and too much trying to seem flashy and 'cool' rather that classy and brutal.

Take the intro for example. It's the kind of intro you'd hear through the mouths of enemies, or a narrator, not Blade himself. He doesn't speak that way about himself, does he? It's part of his amiable action-hero image to not speak much at all. The quiet type. Silent but deadly. And then Whistler's brought back to life just to get killed off again. Though, he isn't really killed in this movie either. More on that in the sequel...

But that's all just the intro. It does get better. It never gets as good as the first, granted, but among other things it definitely had the most beautiful ending of all Blade movies, one I'd mixed up with the first one. It's directed by Guilermo Del Toro, the same guy who directed The Orphanage, and the sentiments tune in similar.

Among notable character appearances there's that guy from Walking Dead (Norman Reedus), and Donnie Yen! I didn't realize he'd made it to Hollywood! There's also that traitor from The Matrix, and that kind-of-bad guy from Fast & Furious, and I didn't notice Luke Goss was there as well before I'd skimmed through the cast! Quite the batch of celebrities.

The story's about a new breed of vampires, a more brutal, heartless and bloodthirsty kind, one that threatens even the vampires - and thus they offer a truce to momentarily team up with Blade and vanquish this new plague. Though as it turns out there's a more elaborate plot brewing in the background.

It reminds me of Underworld a bit, with the family ties between vampires all of a sudden, an interesting but probably unnecessary focus for this particular breed of vampire hunter films.

It wasn't as great as the first, doesn't really have the same atmosphere, nor the same sense of isolation and threat, nor commitment to continuity, nor as fine-tuned choreography and filming... but it holds its own ground nevertheless. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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