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Blade 3 - Trinity (2004)

Blade 3 - Trinity (2004)

The Blade movie franchise has been on a steady decline since day one. The first received great reviews, second one received worse, and this one worse still. But... I like it! In addition to a convincing set of villains, among them the very legendary Dracula himself (convincingly played by Dominic Purcell), it also has the best credits music of the trilogy, and compared to the second movie the special effects are definitely better.

On the minus side, Whistler dies (yes... again) early on in this movie, and with him what feels like an important part of the atmosphere. A group of Vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers conveniently show up and help Blade in his time of hardship, effectively replacing Whistler. But soon after, most of them are killed off as well. One of the survivors is a girl (Whistler's daughter) and the other seems like an intended comedic sidekick.

I'm really not sure how all of this will play out in a sequel. Too many lose-ends. Too many non-recurring characters and loss of life just to pump up the plot a little, even if they do so efficiently. I wonder why they couldn't keep going on the same trail as the first movie. Whatever happened to Karen - the girl with the potential cure? Too convenient abilities for a sequel? This movie had a good plot overall, just a bit blown out of proportion.

Since #1 it's all getting a bit too messy, and I don't mean messy as in too much blood. When it comes to blood the first had boatloads to what the sequels have buckets, and maybe with that, also an entirely different authenticity about it. Vampires and blood go together like Earth and worms.

Well, setting aside my rant on continuity and unnecessary elements that don't make the movie any better, I did enjoy the fights, the chase, and the comedic values that Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) brings along with him. It's not a bad watch. It's a little better than the second in some areas, a little worse in others, but in itself: as great a flash of vampire action you'll get this year. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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