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Since old times, I wrote chimes, so you know I
I grow rhymes in my own mind
So dope lines you won't find
A way out.

Now I'm co signed, by me and I
And my clothesline, will be so fly cause I don't like
Jeans, you say where have you been
I've been way out.

I'm way out with 47 AKs!
I spray doubt like I'm a renegade with grenades!
And grade A mouth I'm
Way way way way out.

I was born in the North moved away south,
I was formed on the porch of my playhouse,
I've drawn all my swords in my notebook,
But I'm not a drawer, so don't look.

I grew up out in the garden,
Farmed cabbage and lived in starvation.
Now I'm paving my path to stardom,
I'm going to take the nation by -

Storm! More! More! More! More!
War! War! war! War! YEAH
I! Am! So! Calm! I! Am!
Gooood *blasphemy*s


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