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Bleach (2018)

These Netflix Original Live Action versions of classic anime series are starting to get surprisingly spot on! With characters and plot progression and everything. They even manage to get the same vibe, even if it seemed like it was almost going horror story in the beginning - and that style seems to come back a bit with every ghastly encounter. Also: the wife... didn't she have blonde hair in the story? And Orihime? Oh well. Details.

Overall it's great. They manage to build what took at least a dozen episodes in the anime impressively well in movie time, even if it sometimes feels a bit much to take in. Crammed together. Like this would've been better as a whole live action series. Who knows, maybe they'll make one of those next?

I'm also missing Orange Range in the intro, and some of the special effects are eh... so-so. Way better than the Full Alchemist original though - or any others I've seen so far. It's really Bleach! They've got it down to the essence, and since the anime's a review in itself I won't focus on the plot here. It's a mess but I love it, and this movie equally so. Hope they make a sequel.

Or a few. Or a series.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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