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Bleeding Steel (2017)

Bleeding Steel (2017)

A special-force agent/police officer is assigned to protect a young woman involved in a science experiment of longevity, from a gangster with an army of advanced technology who desires to obtain her power, while also having connections with him.

It's like Black Mask again! The good old days of fast-paced Asian sci-fi action are back. Merciless. Violent. Mythical, too. All the great things.

It starts with promise, but towards the end the special effects and fight choreography with such included... just don't feel right. It looks cool, the characters are a fun bunch, and there are some pretty serious moments there too, but it also comes across a bit of a mess. It's like a HK take on the G.I. Joe franchise, but... it's messier. It's inconsistent.

It's still great, though. Reminds me of the good ol' Rumble In The Bronx with one particular scene, and Black Mask with the sci-fi stuff, and the fights? They've still got those covered.

The behind the scenes scenes are always fun to watch too, and they show that plenty of pain did go into some of those stunts. And a lot of explosives. It's not bad, just not wholesome enough to be as good as it could be. Props Jackie Chan, Show Lo, Na-Na OuYang and the others. They give the movie personality, but it's still a mess.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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