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CyberD FileShare

It's the 13th! It's too bad it's not a Friday though or I would probably have won the lottery at least once. :D Well, I have some important news to state and claim! I added a new script called FileShare. It allows you to send files to a recipient through a simple form, without needing to log in to an email account or state your email address, so you can also email yourself files if you want to, lol. :)

UPD: Script no longer maintained, and the old version isn't any good, so the link has been removed. If you need a good file host check out the links page, there are plenty there.

CyberD LinkDump

Theres a new script in town! A simple linkdump script run using one SQL table. It's up for download on the scripts page, released under GPL. You can dump some links right here.

I was messing around with the idea of creating a link portal here at CyberD and I ended up creating a simple link dumping script instead. Though the idea of a nice big portal aint dead... if my PHP programming skills last through the weekend I might have a neat addition to the site when this short holiday is over...

Have a nice day!

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