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The Highs Of Second Hand Smoke

I was just thinking: if people smoke because it feels good, then why doesn't it feel good to inhale second-hand smoke? And if people are more affected by first-hand smoke, then why is second-hand smoke more dangerous?

I searched the net for an answer, but alas, there's none to be found. Here it'll reside, potentially forever, as an open question.

I did learn that Tobacco smoke has 4,000 chemical compounds, of which at least 250 are known to cause disease, though, and that 34,000 people in the US die from it every year. I wonder how many die first-hand...


We had a long-distance guest today, a friend of my sister's from Austria. Took a walk. Talked. Ate some Swedish specialties, and received a little metal box of Austrian wafers/eggs as she left... maybe that's the custom there, to give gifts on your way out? To maximize the surprise? We weren't expecting anything, but it was an appreciated gift, and a nice visit for all, I hope, even with fuzzy blotches of snow falling outside in what's supposed to be sunny Spring weather, and an icy wind that flew in on our way back from a short tour over the ground of Bro: the castle, the lake, the church... all the small sights worth seeing.

Also spent Friday over at relatives, with good food and games, and Saturday was our own, home time. We hunted eggs as usual, and got to try some Pascha too - Russian Easter specialty, made on cottage cheese, butter, cream and raisins. Served with berries or fruits. The traditional Mämmi unfortunately has Gluten, and I'm missing it already! Hope to find an alternate recipe for next year.

It's been a great time though. Good food. Friendly people. Lots of walks, and that'll all hopefully culminate tomorrow with an 18 kilometer hiking trail trip from Bro to Kungsängen - the longest way but also the one with the best sights. I've pondered taking the challenge for a few years now but just never mustered up the necessary willpower to. Not that I've never walked two miles before, but still...

Maybe all it really required was company. A trial's not the same solo.

Apart from the good times it's been a productive little holiday too. I've caught up with my diary writing, and 100 Words, and weekly recordings, and Musicalish posts, and Walking Dead, and One Piece, and I'm catching up with my work after this... was what I planned, but maybe I'll catch up with lost sleep instead and save that for tomorrow.

Was supposed to work three hours from home on Thursday, but time flew by and here I am, at the end of the weekend with just one more hour before I'm done. Is it a lack of self-discipline, time, or interest? Maybe all three?

Speaking of work: I have a weird issue at the office with my computer clock always jumping two minutes ahead. I sync it, and it's alright, but the next day, or week, or whenever it happens... it's two minutes ahead again. Now the same thing's happening on my home computer.

Speaking of tech: I just recently discovered the file content preview pane in Windows 7. Was it always there?! Super useful. Also here's another petition for you, on the topic of (insanely unfair) file-sharing fines.

I've been running into some weird, random computer issues too. Sometimes the sound won't work. No device found. Sometimes explorer crashes when I right-click. Sometimes the browser crashes each time I attempt to start it. Sometimes the computer won't boot properly. In each scenario I restart the computer and all works fine, and all of this happens directly after booting. No issues occur later, it's always initially. I'm thinking RAM issues, since it's the only piece of hardware I've recently upgraded, but still it baffles. Why? What could the issue be? Why only sometimes?

As usual I'll hope it fixes itself before I do anything about it, or until it starts happening all too often. For now though: it's Easter! Hope y'all are having a good one. I'm 'bout to use this time to the fullest and... watch a movie. Good day (double entendre), and good night.

Earth Is Hours

Time isn't forever. Better use it the best you can.

Unknown Names Of The Walking Dead

I just finished the latter half of the latest season of Walking Dead - the only TV series I still follow, and two interesting names popped up in the credits.

At the end of episode 9: James Heltbridle. According to The Independent: Heltibridle was a filmmaker, beloved by the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, who passed away in November 2016. He worked in the props department of the AMC series since season six and was tragically killed in a car accident on his way home from set.

And at the end of the season, after episode 16: Bernie Wrightson. According to The Independent: Wrightson was an American artist best known for co-creating popular horror character the Swamp Thing as well as an array of other popular horror comics. His work was said to be a key influence for many of the production team working on The Walking Dead, and he passed away aged 68, on the 18th of March, of cancer.

So, there you go. Now you know.

As for the season: it ended as each season's been ending a long time now, with potential for a continuation.

It's like they're dragging out the plot as well as they can, to lure in new viewers, and keep old ones like me coming back, but at this point there's really nothing new to it. No twists. No new characters. No revelations. People go back and forth and get themselves in trouble, and it all boils down to the same thing once more. Redemption. Revenge. Slaughter. Fighting for those you care about, and though it maintains the tension well, and ends with a killer show, it's getting tiresome. There's no conclusion. No satisfaction. No end in sight.

That's why I watch this series in marathons instead of just one episode at the time. I'm not the kind of person willing to spend my time looking forward to the next episode when I know the next episode is just an excuse for another, and another... yet I do want to know how it all goes! Come next year I'll wait till the next season's out and catch up then, and hope it's over. Like a movie.

I don't expect it will be, but hope's what keeps us alive right? Without it we'd be just a huge, collective, walking dead. And it'll just spread like a series.

But at least some interesting names popped up this season! RIP James, and Bernie, and all the rest who didn't make it.

Musicalish #179

A mix of new and old! Enjoy.

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Musicalish #178

A dose of the real Tyler Cassidy, before he became Fresh! Enjoy.

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