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...I'm off to Östersund again!

These days they fly eh? Speak more Friday.

Steve Guse Health Advice

Stumbled upon a pretty good cheat sheet for better health in a random YT comment section recently, hope Steve doesn't mind the sharing...

1. Walk barefoot. Studies prove it. You are fatigued because you lack ENERGY. We are electric beings and the earth has a grounded charge. We evolved this way. It is vital we connect. To every cell in your body. Minimum 15 minutes a day, but longer the better. Sand, dirt, rock, cement are best. No asphalt, not sure about grass. More conductivity when wet. The effects are immediate but you likely won't "feel" it until the following morning. Keep at it a few days and you'll never turn back. Energy like a kid again. No shit.

2. Sun. Even better while grounded. Get some color.

3. Never eat past 6 pm. Very lightly if you must.

4. Meditate daily. Find the time. Everything about you improves with a relaxed mind.

5. Breathework before bed. 5 minutes is enough. I do 3 rounds of "breathe of fire"

6. Remove sugar almost completely from your diet. Sugar is a drug and you are likely a junkie. It won't be easy. After you push through withdrawal (yes) which may take 2 weeks to a month the "false"energy you received from sugar will be replaced by "golden" energy. Like when you were a kid. You won't want to go back. Although, cravings will still rear up..have fruit ready.

7. Limit EMF exposure. Grounding combats this very effectively. NEVER sleep with a cell in your room. Absolutely no Bluetooth headphones. Less time around electronics the better. Get outside.

8. Fasting. Late breakfast early supper. Most yogis eat once a day and live to 100 with high energy. Every so often mix in a legit fast. I like 24- 36 hours. Past that I lose muscle but everyone is different.

Source (see comments).

Rrrrn Rrrrn

RyanAir's Christmas Promo

RyanAir's Christmas Promo

Best aviation ads in the game no doubt...


Artists are really upping the game with their music videos lately! This started with potential but holy shit man the way it progresses... possible favorite of the year right here.

And Dave could do some real acting if he wanted to.

If he isn't already.

Fat Tuesday 2024

Fat Tuesday 2024

I did not forget to post this year! But I am late posting... I was planning to have this up yesterday, when suddenly contact forms on my sister's business site stopped working, and I realized the service I use for both hers and my own was down, and probably wouldn't be back up for some time - it's been badly maintained for a long time now - so I started looking for new alternatives, and the night grew late, and I was in the middle of a movie so after that...

Anyway, I baked my own semlor this year. Mom contributed the paste. They turned out great.

Even better than last year... I think? Not sure. Last year was good too. Definitely better than the year prior... I think? The first one there was pretty good too, recent years have been pretty on point really, when did I last have a bad semla...

On with traditions anyhow! And did you know Mardi Gras is actually French for Fat Tuesday?! We're celebrating the same thing! In very different ways. With very different cakes. And very different levels of... existence spiff and craze.

Anyways, Happy (slightly belated only in posting) Fat Tuesday y'all.

Good day. Had a leftover one today too.

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