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It's Summer! I'm off! To the North with the wasps! To the great and the off grid to live and feel off lid! And get some sun and run.

See y'all in a month and some.

Also, recent updates.

Midsummer Movie Madness

Sixty overdue movie reviews, there you go! And here are six old ones.

There are more on queue, but I figured I'd make an attempt to get through at least some of them before summer comes running, and maybe this is about what I can manage. And it really is running now! Quick. Sometimes I don't feel like I can keep up at all. Time is ticking down towards my great withdrawal, it doesn't feel like a week, more like it's just tomorrow...

Monsters, the some-might-say promo track for this great game, that debuts in just two days now, is now up on CDB too. Streaming links soon? Maybe? I thought about posting it on SC as well but maybe later.

Otherwise I've been celebrating Midsummer with crêpes and waffles, and a cousin's 29th birthday with a nice lunch under a white but still stiflingly warm cloth canvas at the Bro-Bålsta golf club nearby.

And trying to get stuff done in my by day close to 30°C computer room. Fighting the heat, I won't bow to defeat, but I've had kind of shallow dreams and woken kinda weak...

I have another series I'm playing a role in btw, albeit a minor (role that is - the series is great) and almost only inspirational one. Line of Work. There's more to come, and I'm a character innit! Also don't miss this.

Also might not have mentioned Space Force before, a catchy little shooter to which I contributed some captions.

But it's gone, because the creator decided to just delete their entire game catalog. At whim. Along with two other notable titles I'd been credited on.

I just don't get why people do this.

Why they feel bad about their old work to the point they clear all traces of it. That they don't grow with it. Don't learn from it. That they don't feel like the game's no longer theirs at whatever time they publish it, but rather a contribution to the world; for others to appreciate and cherish.

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder after all.

And who doesn't second-guess themselves? Man up. Stand for what you believe in! Stand for what you make! Stand for who you are!

Don't throw your accomplishments to the wind at the whim of self-scrutiny and weakness. It doesn't benefit you; it doesn't befit you; it doesn't make anyone happier.

That's how I feel. But it's not my business is it.

Just know I would never do anything like that with this site. It's been going strong for soon twenty years, and will be for another night.

Alright, I gotta get some more stuff done...

Death Is Like Being Stupid

Death is like being stupid. It's only painful for others.

9000 Posts!

9000 Posts!

It's over 9000! Posts, that is.

I've apparently been going slow but steady, at an unintentional but surprisingly consistent rate of roughly five hundred posts per year. Same pace as before the last milestone, and the one before that.

We are almost up another quarter million words too, 270,000 words in comments, and 107,000 words on pages.

Come on y'all lets surge for ages! Onto the next thou...


As far as I can tell, nowhere is a utopia. Everyone is miserable everywhere. Isn't it grand?! :D :D



Just so you know.

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