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Death Is Like Being Stupid

Death is like being stupid. It's only painful for others.

9000 Posts!

9000 Posts!

It's over 9000! Posts, that is.

Been going slow but steady, at an unintentional but surprisingly consistent rate of roughly five hundred posts per year. Same pace as before the last milestone, and the one before that.

Almost up another quarter million words too, 270,000 words in comments, and 107,000 words on pages.

Come on y'all lets surge for ages! Onto the next thou...


As far as I can tell, nowhere is a utopia. Everyone is miserable everywhere. Isn't it grand?! :D :D



Just so you know.

Life Lessons Of HxH

Blue skies outside... while I'm sitting here and feeling ineffective.

I'm at a loss for words to explain how I feel, or where I am in life, or what I want. I don't know. I do care. But I'm tired. I'm not sure where to trudge; to where I could walk that'd refuel my energy, but maybe I'm going to one of those places tomorrow...

To a buddy. To socialize. To walk. To watch a movie. To reignite focus and stimuli - that which you only get when you interact with other people in REAL LIFE.

It really isn't enough by the computer! Digital isn't the same. You have just one form of stimuli. The cognitive one. You type, and you get an answer. You talk, and you get an answer. You look, and you see. But you don't catch the nuances, and you aren't present. You're not in the same room. You're not sharing a space as you share the conversation. The very essence of your interaction isn't a compromise between the two of you - a fair allotment of preparation and presence as much as it is a fair allotment of time.

It's just... different.

Maybe you can learn to socialize on the same level digitally too. Maybe you get the same benefit from frequent video talks - even if your eyes never meet, and you connect via individual points of solace, which the finer nuances can't bridge - the smell and texture of hand lotion frequently rubbed into the glossy leather sofa. But maybe it's enough. maybe I'm just not at that point yet. Maybe I overestimate the benefits of the real world, and undervalue those of the digital, where you can connect at times of your choosing; with anyone, ANYWHERE in the world.

As I'm exploring the benefits of alternative communication right now I feel I regain a spark of curiosity, and a sense of wonder and opportunity. I mean you really CAN do anything you want to. You can reach out to strangers! You can connect to people you WANT to connect to. You can try to, at least. Yet for some reason I just connect to the people I've connected with previously. I don't bother seeking out new connection's that'd be a benefit to me. And I'm stuck in the same routines too. The same dues. I don't bother exploring.

I'm making my way through the old (at this point - though the newest of the two - the 2011 version) Hunter X hunter anime right now to regain a sense of adventure; to inspire me to actually get a move on and focus on the essentials of my time, and I'll resume that as soon as I finish writing this - I just wanted to stop for a moment and create something useful. A causerie on the life and times of; possibly advice and insight for anyone that stumbles in here later on.

And I realize that watching an anime isn't what it takes. Even if it inspired THIS. I'm currently on episode 86, where our main characters have just suffered their first real defeat, and one has lost all hope, while the other focuses on the little light there still may be left after all. And so they choose to do everything they can to get stronger. To keep fighting. To possibly make a change.

That's all there is to it isn't there? Discipline. Will. You won't get anywhere without it, and nobody will give it to you... at least not unless you ask them. Unless you reach out and make something of the things you can.

Now back to that show...

Another One

Bites the dust.

It's Taylor Hawkins now. The Foo Fighter drummer I didn't know I really knew until his passing; now suddenly I'm watching interview bits with him left and right, and realizing how prominent a part of the band he really seemed to be...

Surfed onto their website to see the latest news there and it seems they're cancelling their tour. Of course.

But I wonder who wrote that. Was it Grohl? Was it management? How heartbroken they must be right now...

Heard a Freddie Mercury song on the radio recently and was was reminded of his passing too - though that was waaay back in the day. What surprised me was I don't think I'd heard the song before. Wondered if maybe they're digging through old archives and finding new ones; coming out with fresh material after all these years. Or maybe there really are some Queen songs I don't know. Maybe even some solo material somewhere...

Was reminded yesterday that Chadwick Boseman (the guy who played Black Panther) died just this past year too. How did that happen?

So many mysterious deaths lately. So many notable people. I guess people do die all the time though, and it makes me wonder if the focus has just turned all the more to death these days; if that's why we suddenly notice every single one that goes.

Or if the ones that go now just happen to be my idols. Maybe it's an age thing. Maybe I've grown to the point that the people I relish are old, and thus inevitably some of them may pass away.

Life and death. It's life. And death. Another one...

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