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Science Doesn't Prove Anything...

Science doesn't prove anything, it just reduces uncertainty.

The Glass Complex Counter Car Ride Dream

Before I forget, I dreamt I was riding in a car along with a buddy (presumably Good Buddy Bear - we were just out on a trip together) and another guy - he was the one driving, and he was just about to reveal a name when my alarm clock rang and i jolted awake, immediately zoning in on getting the latest information on the snow chaos we're having here at the moment, and potentially calling in and asking if I can work from home if the transit time has become unreasonable...

It didn't seem like it had - everything seemed to be on time thus far - but SL warned it may get worse, recommended you work from home if you could, and one commuter train had already derailed so... I'm working from home! Good boss.

Now that that's out of the way: The ride. The dream.

In it we had been cruising around a city for a while, looking at sights it seems. I assume the city was Warsaw too since that's where we'd just had been, but I didn't recognize any of the buildings specifically.

The streets were snowy and empty - it seemed like early morning there too, and in one area there were two glass skyscrapers, or just large cubes, with lobbies that seemed made up of glass walls entirely. There was a hallway of glass that kept going inwards and inwards, like a maze, until finally it reached some kind of counter in the center.

The glass hallways were divided the same way the exterior was, in large rectangular panes.

I don't remember ever entering said glass structures, but a while later we were in a car with one of the guys from one of the counters in said structures. We didn't know about both of them at the time - he told us about the second one.

He and his compadre/companion/compatriot (?) each worked in one of said glass structures, and sat at the center, where they received people and communications... I don't recall exactly what they did there.

I suggested in jest that maybe they could hire paramilitaries to guard the facility.

I'm not sure why they would, but in the dream it seemed like a relevant idea, and he seemed to think it was a GOOD idea, and we all laughed in an appreciative manner, and then he told me he had a friend who'd actually suggested a similar approach just recently, and since it was such a coincidence he wondered if maybe I actually knew that friend?

I felt like I actually might. I was curious and expectant about the name of said friend - in the dream - and then suddenly my alarm clock blares and here I am again.

For a millisecond or so I considered just ignoring the alarm - maybe enabling me to turn it off without properly waking up - and letting my subconscious possibly pull out the name it had intended to, but alas I am a diligent individual and so I woke up instead.

I'm not sure what else was going on in this dream world, but prior to said office complex car encounter I'm pretty sure it was something exciting. There may have been action. There may have been intrigue. There may have been some elements related to the trip. There may have been meaning, too...

I picked up a new book during the weekend btw. Day of Reckoning, by Jack Higgins. That may have something to do with it.

And I'm back!

Trip went well. Warsaw's a nice place, the food is good and cheap, and they do have this one gigantic skyscraper - the tallest in Europe possibly, with at least a lobby made entirely of glass...


I'm taking a trip y'all! Back in a bit.

LB's Lollapalooza 2021

They still got it! Though I must say I'm not a huge fan of that new look...

Where Does The Time Go... my sock drawer? No. my box of nuts and bolts? No. my wasabi paste or frozen surimi? No. my YT video binges, backup obsessions and WWP?

Lately, yes! A lot of WWP. And Alien Shooter now. But more on that later.

I think the fuel for this recent lack of focus has been mainly the sensation of emptiness that comes post wholesome Inktober, when one month of constantly amounting challenge and purpose has passed and time is... once more supposedly plentiful? In theory. It doesn't feel plentiful. My car shizzle's been eating up a fair chunk of time too but apart from that...

I've just been way too distracted by YouTube videos the past week.

I found myself watching more and more again, in what seems to be an endless attempt to get through EVERYTHING. Everything that's ever been uploaded, from all of my favorite content creators, along with random suggestions I pick up along the way.

I have a steady stream of videos in the background, that I for the sake of efficiency only play while I do other things. Yet sometimes you want to see a certain face, or a certain item they're speaking about, or event - like the process of chopping up red onions the Michelin Way, or how horrible the bathroom stalls really are at the visual level at truck stops in China. I do have audio-only videos as well, but even then sometimes you need to switch videos, or pause, or you get distracted anyway.

Background noise is a distraction after all.

Yet, despite this, Inktober is over, and I managed every day! I managed my daily verses, I managed my halflings - as I call them - my daily bonus verses, and I managed my doodles. Uploaded the full batch on Halloween - you can find those on NG there - and here here.

All the audio's uploaded here too now. Lyrics could use a bit better formatting occasionally, but that's a project for... later. Whenever time's enough. Whenever I catch up.

Have some VA lines I've fallen behind on and hope to catch up with real soon, but the daily verses aren't over either! Not until the end of November. They're simpler now, but I'm doing Inkember beyond Inktober. For November before it's over.

Still have last year's Inkember recordings left unposted, gathering dust on my hard drive, not yet edited and ready... maybe I'll get to those soon. Maybe I'll get to the most recent ones first though. And individual tracks, maybe there'll be time for that... mayhaps.

But my time's like crack. It moves too fast. I had a blast but: the time is past. At a pace. One which I cannot control trolley. Keep on appreciate until it's aft...

I got on a cruise last Thursday, with a laptop on my lap, and had some cryotherapy after that. Shall catch up with a wrap-up on that some day without mishaps.

Celebrated my sister's birthday last Sunday too, and also then had a blast. Then towed my car to the repair shop... where the uncertainty and fear stops.

The engine's shot. It's done. White smoke bellows; cylinders hammer... like they all forgot their manners.

There's water in the oil, the oil it leaks, it leaks all over. But as they tow it to the junkyard I somehow keep my composure...

Honestly it just feels freeing that it's over. All amounting problems. All the costs they sober. I lost a bit of moolah, but will save and regain. A car is but a car; this life is but a game... and any longer this car might've driven me insane.

But it was good to know ya. We battled those odds. Time to save for another... valiant SAAB. 9-3. I'm free.

When You're Overqualified For The Job

Always makes me smile. If you're having a bad day remember this one!

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