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Rocket Santa

Merry Sleddin'!

Lentil Christmas

Even got some sunshine today! :D Never mind the chips. Better pictures.

Merry Christmas!

Lentil Chips & Gentle Christmas

I got a delivery today, good food for the holidays! Though they delivered just two boxes, there were supposed to be three, and it seems I am missing seven bags of lentil chips on my order... hope they haven't lost that third box. I thought it'd deliver today too. What do. No chips. Cold brew.

Anyway I am free for the moment! We're taking a break from the design gig. For four days. I plan to spend this time scheduling movie reviews till the end of the year, and going through the ones I've already posted albeit with very rapid and non-impeccable revision the last month or so, get some much-required rest and refreshment and maybe celebrate some Christmas!!! We got snow. In droves. I plowed some this morning. In gloves. It's bright. It glows. Guest room? This shows:

23/12/2023 - Upper Guestroom Window

Also here's a pretty cool alternative Christmas decoration idea. If you still have analog shizzle in da house fo rizzle. Want to bet all my pretzel?

In other news I realized I just got my hundredth paycheck from my current employer before Christmas this year! That's pretty cool innit. Individual amounts may not be great but it all amounts. That's what counts. The Dracula's. That's what it's all about.

Also got a review of the games I've played this year on Steam - they're not many but apparently you can share that review. So there.

Here's last year.

I vowed to play more Venetica after I got back from summer but that's not happening is it. What happened to the time. What happened to the summer!

I have been playing some Advance Wars instead. Post PC. It's portable.

Ran through the first game in two nights, and so far the second one's proving both longer (with a bit unnecessarily much dialog and introduction on the campaign now comparing - the first one was moderate with all - both intros and endings) and more entertaining! And easy. And balanced.

It gets progressively more challenging as you go, and I just realized whilst typing this that I think I forgot you could opt for a more difficult campaign mode when you start a new campaign too, just need to hit the Select button. That feature wasn't only available in the DS one was it...

The second game's great anyhow.

The levels are memorable, and unique. The title's witty. The characters are charming - but also admirable and real when situations gets serious. The innovations are plentiful. The Neotanks are such a great addition - and that's the one addition.

It's enough. The levels provide the variation. Innovation gets a bit much in further games, compared to this one. It was so good. So balanced. So much text yeah but apart from that... such a great game. Still.

The UI's maybe the best part. Creative. Clean. Still in that design mind.

I'll be packing presents pretty much all day tomorrow but I do plan to play some more Advance Wars tonight! And then...

Merry Christmas y'all!

Ice Ice Matrix

Göteborg & Ongoing Design Woes

Had dinner with my main office colleges today, for our ninth year straight. Restaurant Göteborg this time. Hammarby Sjöstad.

We've been shrinking the last few years. Not individually - I'm involuntarily still growing on, but as a group. For a while we were gaining numbers too. Then came the pandemic. Financially uncertain times.

Though our budget isn't at it's best the food was good this year.

Seared queen scallops, salsa on cucumber, trout roe, lemon. Fish & seafood casserole with mussels and shrimps, fennel, carrots & croutons. Dulce de Leche Fondant with coconut ice cream, roasted peanuts, caramel flakes, chai tea and a carbonated lemon and ginger drink. Lime wedge and a blade of grass in it, and some homemade toffee and sweets by the exit.

535 SEK + drinks. Per person. That's like five meals in one if you go by my usual restaurant budget. Excluding drink.

It's nice to eat a quality meal occasionally. And to have a three course one where you can relax between the meals. Socialize too. Last year was a vegetarian buffet, and though also good it wasn't quite like this. Not as refreshing. Too satiating. I feel content now. Relaxed. Almost rested, somehow... even though I slept badly last night.

I'd planned to make more progress with the site I'm working with my nephew on, but didn't. I took a shower and went to bed instead. Tried to wind down. Hoped I'd have more energy to spare today. Instead I tossed and turned, went down and got a glass of water some time after 1 AM, probably did get some sleep after that... I don't know how much. I don't feel like I did.

Today's been good, though I fear for tonight. Night's an angst amplifier - or maybe it's just the lack of momentum that is - at whatever time you slow down and have to rest, so you can start anew the next day, and we need to make some conclusive progress soon.

Hope to make a bit more visible design advancements before I go to sleep tonight...

But Gothenburg was greeaaat. Wish I didn't have to lose that sensation and semblance of relaxation.

Good day.

Just Stopping By, South Of The East Strait...

If you wonder what I collabed on last month. ;)

There's way more, of course. I finally ported most of it to the site. Have yet to go through it all. I didn't draw at all this year. No time. But I did manage the music! And rhyme. Still in! My prime.

Posted some more duplicate movie reviews earlier. Though I'm considering changing this system. Think I've written about that before... I'm going for individual posts on individual reviews after all. Even if they're duplicates.

That way you have a better overview of individual post dates, and views, and the total review count, and it may be better SEO too...

Went bowling this last week, went floating, got educated on the immune system - shout-out Pharmanord and the grand locales of the Radisson Blu Royal Viking, spent time with buddy Bear before he headed off to the Philippines for the rest of the year, and I'm off to Östersund tomorrow again! With another free rental... will be at my recently renewed and rented office space there for the next two and a half weeks or so.

Shall be back in time for 'Little Christmas', and possibly a quick visit at the yearly Skansen Christmas Fair. If all things go as they should go here.

Time's a flying but it's kinda nice not violent.

Remind me to speak of pumpkin stew next time I post here - I learned how to make some of that too.


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