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The NG Frontpage Affect

I got another one! And another!

They didn't last as long this time - both slid away from the main page in a stream of similarly awesome audial artistry, but see this...

The NG Frontpage Affect

Overtime such a boost. This feeling huge. And someone out there seems to appreciate what this demon do. Wasn't just one but at least a few...

Hope it's a new norm; I'm feeling cool.

Start The Week With This

Don't Be An Idiot

Don't be an idiot, you'll only get it wrong once. Be smart. And always be grateful for life.

Not sure what this is saying really but it seems to be something good!

The NG Frontpage Effect

I got a friggin' frontpage feature on NG!

For this track, #18 of the ongoing daily endeavors this year. I'm not sure this has ever happened before... blown away. Made my day yesterday. And it really does boost your listens too.

The NG Frontpage Effect

See something 'ere? Something out of the ordinary? Something rather extraordinary? Like a circus in the dormitory?

Aw yeah.

Two Ideas

I thought of two things the other day. Two useful finesses that could be added to services I frequently use. The first for Morning Brew, a daily newsletter with a quick and easy digest of what's going on in the world + a few bits of relevant entertainment or enlightenment, and the second for SL, the local commuter company of which I'm not always a huge fan.

But that could change.

Figure I might as well publish these ideas here too, and if said functionalities do get implemented I can take some credit. ;)

These are the ideas as I sent 'em. General pleasantries/salutations excluded.

Idea #1 - Local sendout times, Morning Brew

This may not be a most important or relevant idea, but I was thinking it'd be pretty cool if subscribers of said newsletter(s) had the option (within a suitable margin of publication) to adjust at what time they receive these letters, so as to start each day with a Morning Brew when it actually is morning for them, in whatever their individual timezone may be.

For me for example the send outs are usually timed at mid-day instead of morning.

Just a thought; hope you consider!

Idea #2 - Route monitoring, SL

I was thinking the other day that it would be useful if there was a function to monitor routes via your app or website, and receive notice via e-mail for example if something changes. If say timetables are adjusted, or maintenance work begins on a section of the route you frequent. It'd be an easy way to inform those to whom this information is relevant.

Practically, if you plan a trip via the website or app, and have already chosen your destination, matter of transport etc, you could at this stage then be presented with a 'monitor this route' button or similar that offers this functionality.

Hope you can pass this on; implement it if it seems relevant; useful!

That's all.

The Roger Moore Story

A heartfeltd story about Rooger Moore and a young fan at an airport

When hope wanes in the world, stories like this feel pretty #ยค%&ing good.

What a class act. And what a great way to Bond. Source.

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