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April April

I assure you that the new layout and the sites reloaded code is no joke, I completely forgot to post some foolish tool to fool you this year, as I almost always do, and it seems I posted the post on the worst possible day, lmao. April fools passed without me knowing about it. Some other big companies, both commercial and non-commercial, took advantage of this day though. Here are a few of my favorites.

Google TiSP - Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines ( view additional info for instructions on how to install TiSP ). Looks a bit fake, it does, but it's funny. :P

Gmail Paper - Tired of viewing your email online? You can now get it sent to you, for free. There are no limits to the ammount, all costs are paid for by advertisements written on the back of the paper. Picture attachments are included on photo paper. I actualy fell for this one . . . lmao . . .

Newgrounds - The new layout, beta. Lots of features included, read the frontpage newspost for more info. This was a much more realistic joke than the previous years of "NumaNuma Grounds" and "Bought by MacDonalds", hehe.

Dattebayo also changed their slogan to "Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC. We take April 1st seriously.". No trolls or fakesubs from this year, amazingly, seems like they're telling the truth. Have fun fooling around! :P

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Real For

What? New layout? Again? This time it's a complete site redesign. Really. When the site first came to be I used to find it fun updating and adding stuff, but now it's becoming a dull chore. Everythings a systematic task. Have gotten into the habbit of piling crate upon crate ontop of the other without checking whats inside them. Results, it's hard to find whatever you want to find, and the entire structure will get too big and eventually collapse. This isn't only about the content, it's also the code. So therefore I'm remaking things now. There has also been a great big bunch of pictures, movies, etc . . . that I havn't made. Even though that gets us bigger than all our competitors and we win a great victory, it doesn't do much good for either reputation of profit. Without a secret server hideout deep underground in the Nevada desert we would probably get either shut down or charged great wads of dollar signs. So changes arrise!

All graphical parts of the layout are exclusive cyberdyze content, made in Illustrator and Fireworks. After the fall I'm building everything back up again, leaving the pillars that still stand stable. I hope you like the new look, it's all based on simplicity, and should also now be compatible with all big browsers in current use. Added a "random word" script at the top of the page. Used to have one on the old site, and it was fun, so it be back. More changes will be appearing eventually. As they years go and times flow. Yo.

Would you like to learn how to make a preloader btw? In 5 simple steps? Search the blog for 5s. ;)


Clear blue is the sky,
The daylight passes by,
I sit inside and dream,
Forever it may seem,

The minutes they are countless,
Like sandgrains on the beach,
When I am all but working,
With fewer goals to reach,

I cough up blood and apples,
For breakfast that I ate,
The clerk comes to my bed,
To hand me another plate,

My soul cries my heart aches,
From a dream my mind awakes,
Simple fever is all it takes,
For total outbreak.

Short poem by the Cyberdevil


I'm Free! For a week I now have endless time on my hands. The weekend before this week starts is almost over now, and it seems like these 2 short days have lasted for more than I expected, but when I say that I have a weeks vacation it still sounds so short. Now I have 5 days to do everything I havn't had the time to do earlier. So many projects I'm working on at the moment . . . A GTA SA Stunt Video, Adding content to my websites, transferring all my old hand-written scribbles to my computer, catching up with the #1 reviewers at NG and RG, Studies. So much to do, so many movies to watch, games to play, sleep to sleep . . . and sleeping takes up more time than you expect you know. I really can't get any more stressed than I will be now, haha. Anyway, happy days still. I'm off to play some oldskool playstation one now. It's been a long time since I played Croc 2 and I actually cleared a previously unbeatable level on my first try. I must be getting better. I'll be seeing you around!




Buried Alive

Buried Alive

Castle Red

Castle Red



Would you like to create your own tiny city? Head over to and get started! There are 3 themes to chose from : a futuristic atmosphere, a small town place (as above) and a medieval age of kings and castles. Drag and drop the pieces to form your mini-civilization and then either upload it your blog/site, save it, or send it as an e-card. Why? No reason, but it's entertaining none the less! If you make anything great, send it to me and I'll add it to the soon arriving cities page. Enjoy! ;)


Happy Valentine! <3 And happy Birthday Dad! :D May you all have the greatest day so far this week, today! UnLyrical, WonPeace and CyberDyze have been redesigned, you like? ^_^ In all honesty I just threw together the new CyberDyze design in a few hours, but I like it, so it will stay for a while. I missed the sidemenu, therefore it's back again. I had spent loads of time porting everything to the new dyze domain, but that work was all a waste of time ( since I won't be moving cyberdyze to dyze ). I feel like I have to move at least some of the content from cyberdyze to dyze now, to make it worth it. I added some new content to WonPeace btw, so go take a look. Also, CyberDoze is back up! It's unfinished and bugging, but I just couldn't wait to upload it, hehe.

If you find any bugs anyhwere, tell me about them. I'll be uploading the new Dyze and CyberD before the week is over. Have a great day!

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