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New Intro

I felt like adding a new intro today, how does it look? Just found it lying around in my gigantic picture collection, so here it is. I have no idea who made it, but I hope it's ok to display it on the site, and if you are or know the creator, contact me.

Have a great day!

Cyberdyze Hacked

You might have noticed the message below if you visited the site earlier today:

Fatal Inside Was Here!


We are:Nolsystem, HeR0, CvIr.system, Putus, Scream. []

Well, the site is back online now and it seems that they didn't do any damage except change my index page with the message above. ^ Which I have now changed back.

I am changing passwords, some links and adding additional site security so that this won't happen again. If you have hacking skills and you're not one of the D.I.V. morons, please visit and fuck up their site completely. Thank you.

UPD: All my beautiful alternative intro pages seem to have been deleted, good thing I have backups. I just found the script they were using too, nicely embedded on my server... I'll get a chance to use it on their site soon...

UPD: A second hacking attempt? I think so, but I have deleted all suspicious files now... and maybe even some other important server-based ones, but the site still works so no problems, lol.

Price Of A Penny

What happens if a penny is worth more than one cent?

That is an issue the U.S. Mint could soon face if the price of metals keeps rising. Already it costs the mint well more than a cent to make a penny.

This week the cost of the metals in a penny rose above 0.8 cents, more than twice the value of last fall. Because the government spends at least an additional six-tenths of a cent above and beyond the cost of the metal to make each penny, it will lose nearly half a cent on each new one it mints. advertisement

The real problem could come if metals prices rise so high that it would be economical to melt down pennies for the metals they contain.

Appearances aside, pennies no longer contain much copper. In the middle of 1982, after copper prices rose to record levels, the mint starting making pennies that consist mostly of zinc, with just a thin copper coating. But these days, zinc is popular. Rising industrial demand and speculation have sent the price rocketing. Since the end of 2003, zinc prices have tripled. Gold, by contrast, is up only about 50 percent.

Asked if the mint had a backup plan for what it will do if zinc prices rise far enough that it could pay to melt down pennies, a spokesman said that such issues are for Congress to decide. Perhaps the mint could go back to making steel pennies, as it did during World War II when copper was needed for the war effort.

Pennies, meanwhile, are in high demand. Last year, the mint made 7.7 billion of them, more than the number of all the other coins it produced. In the first three months of this year, the pace of penny production rose to an annual rate of 9 billion, the highest since 2001.

Why so many? Perhaps there is now some hoarding in expectation that metal prices will keep rising, but mostly it is an issue of sales taxes, which in most states are added to the retail price and assure that the total price of many items will require pennies to be given in change if a customer pays with dollar bills. That helps explain why the idea of eliminating the penny has gone nowhere.

Article ^ not written by me. Free to share, though.

How To Win A Swordfight

According to many popular post-apocalyptic movies (Six String Samurai, for one), someday we're going to run out of bullets. How are you going to survive when Hollywood's not there with Jean-Claude or Mel Gibson? Read on.

Read on...

New Buddies

Edwins Generation is back after many months of silence, and is now once more affiliated with us. It's been a long time, lol. Also, Mercy Games - the games without mercy... driven by the merciless Luke. Check them out. :)

A Few Changes

I removed the avatar from the front page since I couldn't figure out how to get the text aligned correctly, also removed the idea of a popup profile on the click of an avatar, for now at least. I did make a couple of new flags though to replace the old and plain ones, and added a more easily navigated sidebar. Also added a date function that will show all posts on the same date without a new date for each post. :P

A lot is going on on the site, as usual. Check out the new portal and the currently being revamped Dome. Have a great day!

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