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Happy Father's Day 2006

I started this with the goal of drawing my dad standing on the desk in a mountain of cash shouting a victorious warcry, but it was a much too difficult task, so this is how it turned out instead.

Happy Fathers Day 2006

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day.

Glasses Game

Catch glasses falling through the air in this stunning minigame by Pixel Studio, Japan.

Get It Here


During the autumn vacation it was winter. The snow rained down and piled up half a meter high and chaos ruled the streets. Now that my short one week vacation is over the snow is melting again and it feels like spring, summer lying beneath the puddles covering the frozen ground. Today school ended at 5 (my longest day of the week) and the pitch black darkness outside reminded me that it is still winter.

Anyway, I managed to read 31 volumes of the Berserk Manga, almost finish the CyberDoze forums, work a little on a new layout for CyberDyze, stay awake for about 48 hours celebrating Halloween together with Björn (Bear) and Mirelle and a bunch of other people, read a 300 page book and maybe 30 comics. Then my vacation was suddenly over and I hadn't finished half of what I planned.

I'm going to bed early today and taking back some of the sleep I have missed. Good morning tomorrow.

Happy Halloween 2006



Leaves lit in bright fire
Ground covered in gray
Of ashes from the
Bright light of torn day

Cold creeps near my bone
Aligned cobblestone
Frost lies on the sidelines
Of my far walk home

The warmth in my house
To feel and its rife
Glaze the cold surroundings
With no source of life

The winter is near
A grim symbol fear
Snow falls through the air
The beautiful bare

Spring jumps through the window
The new year's a mere trap
Winter never arrived
And summer is back

A short poetic poem by the Cyberdevil (me)

Friday 13th Once More

Oh my, didn't expect this day to turn up twice in a year.

Not that anything spectacular happened...

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