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A change of layout, or rather, logo (layout changes will be happening later). Also, a new page on which you can easily switch between styles. 3 new styles available - regular (old one), red and style (current). No cookies are used, so the style you chose this time wont be remembered next time you visit. Anyhow, check out the style page. And finally the link to the small popup boxes with author info have been fixed, click on my name to see it in action. Have a nice night!

UPD: Styles page removed as of May 21 2007.

OMG Failure

A couple of hours earlier today the site was down for a while. Since our hosting is shared I have no idea what caused it, probably maintenance as usual. Well, we are up now so no worries.

While I'm in the process of writing this I might as well let yall know that I have added 5 avatar packs and a new tutorial section today, with currently 2 simple PHP tutorials in it. So if you're in the process of learning PHP, go check them out! Have a good night. :P

More To Life

Pure simple minded logic, and it makes you hungry.

More To Life

Land Of Valleys

I've been picking mushrooms all weekend. In total we managed to grab a hold of almost 20 liters. My dads sisters husband guided us through the deep dark forests in the land of valleys (Dalsland). During our short stay there we lived at the White Sands (Vita Sandar), beside Vänern a giant lake that stretches as far as the eye can see! See the gallery for pictures of the trip.

After awaking late on Friday and hurrying to school just in time to miss my first and last lesson, I was picked up by my parents and we parted on a 5 hour journey south. First we visited Märta an old relative (78 yrs), who recently got a stroke and is now half paralyzed. She wasn't a nice sight to see, but a visit is obligatory. After that, we continued to the White Sands Camping area. It was pitch black (they don't use the outdoor lights now that the tourist season is over), so we struggled through the darkness in search of our small house we had rented. After a short while of searching we found it and slept peacefully throughout the night.

The next day my dads elder brother came to visit at 7 in the morning, least that's what he had planned, but he awoke one hour later than planned, luckily for us. He used to be a captain (on a ship) 50 years ago, and the stories he tell are always amazing. Anyway, me and my sister played table tennis for a while and then we departed sight-seeing. We later ate at my cousin Kristina's place and then went mushroom picking. We got back to our place just as the sun set, some nice pictures taken then. :P

The next day we packed, ate lunch at my dads sisters place and then left. I had been planning to bathe a lot on the beach, but it never happened, maybe because of the coldness of the water... or that we just didn't have time. I was surprised at all the tourists still living there though, even though it's far from summer anymore. They even closed the swimming pool and cafe, and still there were about 40 house-cars and tents neatly lined up on the field.

It was a fun trip, looking forward to next years mushroom voyage..

Judgement Day

Yesterday was the day of justice and choice
When the people of this land had chance to use their voice
Yesterday was the day to decide
The rules that we all will follow and abide

During the night the air filled with tension
It felt like walking through a different dimension
In my dreams I was partying together with pirates
Then I wake up in a dreadful silence

On the radio they say who has won
It's the start of a new day a new ways begun
With a new government that will rule everyone
Last night they all partied hard and had fun

I still wish the pirates would win
You probably all do think so within
They would bring new rules and free us from sin
So we can openly start legally copying everything.

In 4 years we'll have another vote
Save this poem and openly quote
With luck the pirates will all still be afloat
We will win next time I hope.



Steve Irwin is dead! :O RIP. A poisonous stingray brutally killed him while he was diving near some coral reefs somewhere. If you haven't seen his movie or TV shows you should do so now, they're pretty good.

Here is CNN's report on this, and a video of Steve's last moments/commentary.

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