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The Newz

We have a new intro! It's an awesome Naruto artwork by Sam featuring Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura surfing on the waves of Cyberspace.

Also, a few more games have been added. The gaming database is also finally finished, with a few great games and packages you won't find anywhere else on the net... to download. ;)

Have a great day!

Great Blonde Joke

I haven't seen a good blonde joke for years, this one really made me laugh though! :D

Have a great day!


New Layout! :D

If you're not happy with it you can switch back to the old layout on the styles page. All sections will be updated at some point in time (hopefully a point in time soon . Post comments, found bugs and suggestions pleeease! ^_^

Also note that this layout is still an alpha version and it will be undergoing some changes and evolution. Especially the logo, which at the moment looks pretty dull. Feedback is appreciated.

The new unflashy menu is for the benefit of search engines only. I will be making an alternative flashier version later. Also working on a 3rd theme, which you can also try out on the styles pages. It is very unfinished though, so expect everything on it except the logo to look ugly. Be warned! ;)

Have a nice day!

UPD: Style switcher removed as of May 21 2007.

Happy Valentine!

A great achievement was finally made!
CyberDyze now has its own arcade!
There are 12 games for you to play!
So happy valentine, and have a great day!

This is also my dads birthday!
So we celebrate with gifts and cake!
From all hard work we take a break!
And spread the love and peace and plates!

Visit the arcade!

Random Poetry

I could come up with nothing to post
I ate bread today yesterday I ate toast
I don't mean to brag since I don't like to boast
And if it aint open then I guess its CLOSED.

Heres an mp3 from the beats of Bleach
Don't you dare hotlink and don't you dare leech
A blood leech killed this dude on a beach
While he was soaking in the sun so sweet!

The words I write in rhymeful fiddle
Like an M&M or a bright green skiddle
A rhyme above and another in the middle
Cuddle together in a puddle in rainy weather

Crossroads In English

Been working on some crossword puzzles as a small project for English class now. If you'd like a challenge click the links below and print them out. I made answer sheets too, for all the desperate crossword puzzle master solver wannabes. :P

If you see any spelling mistakes please tell me before I hand this in tomorrow morning. ;)

UPD: Links outdated; removed, stuff now in stuff.

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