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Friday 13th

This is a big event!!! It only happens a few times each year. :D

I'm not superstitious, but I'm always curious as to how this day will turn out. Its reputation is getting low though, nothing drastically horrible has happened so far, and today was no exception! Although you start making a big fuzz out of all small everyday bad-luck experiences you go through, which is probably why some people keep fearing it. To the contrast of what everyone else thinks I like to call this day my lucky day, although it's just as normal as normal days can ever be!

I would like to know what you think about this day, so please add a comment about any bad experiences you've had (if you've had any) or your thought about this.

Have a great Friday 13th Everyone! ;)

Anime Influence

Ever since Naruto started on Cartoon Network, and even before, when it was first announced that it was going to, it seems that a lot of people are being influenced and inspired by it. At NG users like The_ramen_noodle, DarkOtaku and -Naruto- are starting to pop up everywhere. They start learning Japanese, or rather using the word BAKA! as often as they can. All old hardcore anime fans are lost in the flood of anime n00bs. I guess this is a good thing though, it means more seeders and leachers on the anime serie torrents I'm downloading. ;)

Another important anime related announcement is the double episodes of my two favorite anime series that are airing this week and the one from last week, Bleach and Naruto! Although it wouldn't have been any difference if they hadn't bothered skipping over an entire week to pack last weeks episode into this double special. The double of Bleach was delayed yet another week too. At first I thought it was the lazy morons at DatteBayo who were so slow at subbing. Which would have been strange, since they are most known for their incredible speed at it. Well, it wasn't their fault, I never doubted them either, not even for a second. ;)

On a second (or maybe this is the third?) note, I moved the Anime Episode pictures to the anime section. There are 2 reasons for this : 1.) They don't have anything to do with the main page (except that they are vaguely related to rare posts such as this) and 2.) It saves some bandwidth and loading time. Also, I just starting working on an Anime Information Database, exclusively for CyberDyze! Or rather, I put up the page... so far I have worked nothing on it. This is something I shouldn't have done (I mean putting up the page), I have no time for it at the moment, none at all. So... it should be ready sometime next year! O_o Yeah, I know that is a long long time, it will give me a long time to get it done though, which I will need! If anyone would like to contribute, that would be nice! Maybe, if I can, I will add an automatic information submission system to it sometime this year, lol. ;)

Have a great day! :D



Happy New Year!

A year has passed
It went so fast
Memories don't last, they break in half.

Our memory
Will burn up like the air we breath.

A year forgotten
Another to find
A piece of history lost within my mind.

A year gone by
Wasted time.
A rhyme less riddle and rythmless rhyme.

Another empty chapter
Written inside.
The endless book I always write.

Happy New Year Everyone! Ohhh, 2005 is gone already? It doesn't feel like 2006 yet... but I guess I'll have to get used to it. I decided to stay awake the entire night yesterday out of some unexplainable reason, but ironically I fell asleep at 8 in the morning, just before I planned on sitting down in front of my computer and writing something useful. The 5 movies I watched in a row didn't tire me at all, but as soon as I opened that book to read a couple of pages...

Well, it's a new year, so I have new plans for the site, as usual! First of all they would be to finish the remaining stuff I have been working on.... ehh... everything is nearing temporary completion though, before I find something new to work on. ^_^

Well, have a GREAT day!

OMFG! Extra Rare Swedish Poem Version! O_O_O

Ha ett Gott Nytt År allihopa !

Tiden borta
Så snabbt den går
Träden växer
Från fröna jag sår

Växer från marken
Förbi mina tår!

Tiden borta
Snabbt ett år
Förbi i det förflutna
Vilar i igår!

Merry Christmas!

...or at least Happy Holidays, if you celebrate this event in some other way than I do.

During my first week of this short Christmas holiday I have managed to watch the first 200 episodes of One Piece, which is a great achievement considering the huge amount of time that it takes (200 ep x 23 min = 4600 min (76 hours))! So therefore I felt like getting this site finished, which when usually is my goal does not happen. Hopefully having my site added as a project for web design in school will give me unrestrained motivation to complete it! Maybe...

Now, here are a bunch of great Christmas games for you to download and play all month everyday! You definitely have to play Jazz JackRabbit Xmas edition, it's a great arcade styled 2D crazy action game for PC. I just added a couple of others for variation. They are all taken from, but that shouldn't be a problem since they are all freeware and I am hosting them myself (just hope there wasn't any 'read me!' included in the zip files saying something like: File Downloaded from, if you downloaded this anywhere else please report to bla@bla.bla)... Well. Have a nice day! You can find the games @ or in the FTPDB, enjoy! :D


A filmclub of which I am a member, the great Projektor in Sundbyberg, was changing places today! This is great news since they thus offered as much candy, chips and peanuts you could eat as well as as much soft drinks you could drink for an astounding cost of only 0 :- * ! [WOW]

Unfortunately they weren't showing any movie since they had already packed down all the equipment, but a live band called The Tiny Boys came to play for us instead, and I ate enough for 3 days. Then I filled my pockets with candy and left the building... with a Fanta in each hand... this is truly fantastic! The bad news is that I had already eaten a pie and lots of sandwiches before I arrived there and I wasn't able to eat as much as I had wanted to. I am sitting here in my office chair frantically stuffing myself with Tom's Chocolate Eclair's Toffee right now.

Have I told you about how addicting One Piece is btw? I started downloading the episodes a couple of weeks ago and so far I have downloaded up to ep 251. I have watched the first 119, and even though I know I have sooooo much homework to do now before the long awaited Christmas Holidays... I just can't stop watching! So what will happen next?! I must find out!!!

Goodnight people!

* ( :- = Kronor, Swedish money value. )

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