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The Free Email Contest

Do you want a email address?

The first 10 people to post over 1000 posts on the forums before Halloween (October 31, 2004) will get a email address with 100mb, ftp and no ads, for free!

If you don't have an account, register one now (it's free) and start posting like a maniac!

If most of your posts are totally pointless, only one word long or you double post all the time you might not get your free email address even if you do reach 1000 posts. So think before you post.

New Stuff

How do you like the new logo? I have no idea what inspired me, maybe because I'm writing an essay on potatoes for school tomorrow. XD

More Newz!

I've been working a lot on this site today! What I have achieved:

- 3 online games added
- 97 fun facts added
- 6 pictures galleries (humor) added
- Usher and Korn added to music
- Stats updated/fixed
- Almost done with shop designs

Took me all day, and tomorrow is la school again, see you next weekend!...good night!


The site has been remade once again! New layout, new everything, for the 3rd time, lol. At least the new logo is awesome, isn't it? I will start adding loads of content to this site now, the mp3 archives, movie archives, game archives, joke archives and picture archives should be done sometime tomorrow, good night!


So the layout has been slightly changed once again! This is version 4.3!...and I have decided that I have to get my site finished before October, so I will be working very much this week (and the next), I still cant get the shoutbox to work, and I don't get whats wrong with it, hope I get it fixed soon though.

New Layout AGAIN!!!

Yes, the layout has been changed again! What you are looking at right now is version 4.0 of the perfect layout for this perfect site!!! It's not completely done yet, just be patient! There are loads of small bugs I need to fix and so far this is the only page with the new layout, although that will probably be changed soon. If you find any bugs it would be great if you could email me and tell me. It would be great to know what you think about the new layout too! Oh, and I also added a shoutbox, and this kick-ass news thing that lets you write comments!!! Unfortunately the shoutbox doesn't work yet though...

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