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I hate forums. Either I screw up or my host screws up, either way they all end up disappearing. Heres the stats :

CyberDyze Forum #1 - Reached about 10 members and 100 posts before I removed it, accidentally, while trying to fix some errors after installing my first phpBB mod. In the instructions it clearly said "Backup before installing". Did I backup first? Ofcourse not.

CyberDyze Forum #2 - Didn't even reach as far as the first forum did before I tried installing the cash mod without backing up all data. Do I learn from my mistakes? Never!

CyberDyze Forum #3 - This forum reached further than all the rest! Approximately 30 users signed up and a few hundred posts were posted before, BLAM, I wiped out the entire database during a routine error. Do I still not learn from my mistakes? Probably.

CyberDyze Forum #4 - Yet another attempt at the perfect forum! I really worked on this one, copied and pasted tons of information from the, added tons of pictures, soundtracks, etc. Dedicated everything to anime! We reached almost 100 users and a few thousand posts before it went up in smoke, all due to error. Will I learn from my mistakes in the future? Unlikely.

CyberDyze Forum #5 - The reason this one disappeared was amazingly, not my fault! The site was hacked. This all due to a vulnerability in one of my forum mods. So you see why I hate forums? After this I lost the motivation to work on my site for a while, but continued after the summer.

UnLyrical Forum #1 - I got the crazy idea of making a lyrics database. So I copied all lyrics from ( 10s of thousands ). Then, accidentally, I deleted them all. This is where i finally decided to always backup my databases.

CyberDoze #1 - I took a trip into the world of free hosting, signed up for a free reseller and created a forum dedicated to the spreading of free hosting accounts through forum competitions and sponsoring. It worked out very well, and the hosting accounts are still there. We reached about 50 users and over 1000 posts before, this time, our webhost screwed us! Deleted our account suddenly without any notification at all! And no good reason either. The sites hosted there are still down, this is the only site up in existence of the cyberd network.

CyberDyze Support Forum #1 - Yay,l still up! :)

Ironically, the only forum that's lasted all this time is my first free forum that I created at proboards before I even had my own site. It's not active anymore, and I have forgotten my password as well, but even though it wasn't even a professional forum solution twas the best forum I've had. So it's final, no more forums for CyberDyze! I do, however, have plans on opening up a forum hosting service - but that's all for the future. I'd also like to take this time to mention that yes, all other sites are currently down, but they will not be down much longer. We are moving to new reliable servers, even the main site. We've probably lost all reliability when it comes to uptime and all that, but things will change eventually.

A Nation Of Piracy

The great bittorrent tracker are going to buy their own nation, with the help of generous donators and future citizens of the first copyright-free country in the world! This place is called Sealand, a small island that used to belong to some rich important person, who is now planning on selling. You will find more info at : . Join the forums and discuss how the country shall be ruled! Happy days.

UPD: Project seems to be dead. Wonder what happened to all that money?


Today I'm here to share with you a story from Lion. One of my unknown buddies at the free cpanel host. I have edited spelling and grammer mistakes. ;)

Well it's a horrible story...
it all started one sunday afternoon, when my mother said to me
that I should go deliever some apples to my grandmother who was not well
so I went there and met a wolf
who told me that apples were bad for you
and he replaced the apples with special chocolate
this chocolate had an addictive substance which is very rare and only found in special places
apparently it's called sugar but I'll need to get a scholar to check
that..anyway so I ate one along the way to my grandmother's house
I was instantly addicted."

How about you? Do you like chocolate? Post a comment! ^_^

The Sunshine Rabi

Heres a little pet to accompany you on your searches. I call him "The Sunshine Rabi". Microsoft came up with the genius idea ( well, it was probably someone else that gave the idea to them ) of making a version of the classical windowish search pet online, which users could easily customize and save to their liking. Click on the link and you'll be able to navigate on to the creation of your own pet. There are plenty of features to chose from! Now heres a picture of mine :

The Sunshine Rabi

Link :


I was inspired! So here is a new poetic presentation from the cyberish devil.


Is there a greater reason,
For the change of season,
The sunrays slowly reaching,
Into the dark horizon,

Everythings in motion,
Sun hides behind the ocean,
An hour later until summer,
When it never dives down under,

I saw the leaves falling,
But no snowflakes this year,
The winters been a dark one,
No sun reaches down here,

Every day passed,
We all covered in fear,
Litten up by cyberspace,
Plenty of time to prepare,

Now it feels like spring,
Sun shines on everything,
I hop and jump and sing,
In the sunny setting,

Is there a greater treason,
Then stopping times flow,
Time just flies away,
Yet the hours don't go,

And now vacations over,
It feels great to finally breath,
After all this harsh work,
Take it easy and let it be . . .

Peaceful Poetry by me . . .

Gift 3

And then it's time to throw, for the 3rd time in a row! Another great gift at yo! So here you go! Everything follows the flow! I still havn't had time to fix all the errors in the flashlab, but I will be sure to let you know when I do. Just stay tuned! ;)

WoWBB - It's yet another translation. Language - Swedish. Author - Cyberdevil. This one has taken me the longest time to translate out of everything I have translated so far, I wasn't expecting this since the lines of "code" in the language files was a lot less than the other forums ( such as imperialBB ), but the lines were much much longer. I was halfways through this about a month ago, but since translations are so boring I took a break and finished it today. Enjoy. :P

( )

Templates - I added a templates section under "Resources"! So far I have made a couple of basic but nice looking templates and am currently working on an exact clone of the style (!). If you're in the process of making a NG fansite or similar, this will fit nicely. Look forward to that.

( )

Wallpaper 2 - Well, I have soooooo many wallpapers I like that I couldn't help but upload a second pack of wallpapers to the gallery, hehe. Didn't I say I would start only uploading my own stuff to the site this year? Well, literally these are remotly related to me, lmao. Here you go, I hope you like them too!

( now in FTPDB )

Have a great day,

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