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3 Days Left

Days left are 3, and we got a Christmas Tree...

Yeah, we bought a Christmas tree today, and we are setting it up in the living room now.

Also, good/bad news (you decide which one) - I'm getting new glasses! After not having worn the ones I had previously and still sitting a whole lot in front of my computer my eyesight has worsened quite a bit, so in order to get a drivers license, and most importantly to be able to start driving (practicing) I need new glasses. I'll post a picture of the new stylish me as soon as I get them. Also, last official day of school is today! Haha. Ok, I'm of to watch the 8th part of Hellraiser now, bye bye.

Later, Cyber

4 Days Left

4 Days More

(shortest one-line Christmas countdown number rhyme so far, hehe)

Thanks to Barses for notifying me that I skipped a day, thus the double-post today to correct this. It's against my policy to change dates of previous posts, lol, actually it's not possible from the engine interface... and the format posts are saved in is too troublesome to work with. Well, might as well fill you in on the exiting happenings in my life since my latest post.

I've been watching the 2nd season of weeds (TV series), and I have to say they really chose to end it when it can't get any more exiting. The main character is being held at gunpoint by two rivaling weed selling gangs, just having had her pot stolen by her eldest son who just called her saying he wants in on it. One of the gangs just killed her new husband on request of her previous dealer whos son works with her. The main characters son, having a shitload of pot in the back of his car is about to be arrested by a cop for having stolen all the video cameras to make sure the place becomes drug-free and the main characters younger brother just drove away with his uncle Danny's crazy ex-girlfriend and they are now on their way to Pittsburgh.

Crazy crazy crazy, and the 3rd season hasn't started yet? What the hell are they waiting for? Also, just watched movies 3 - 5 of Hellraiser. Along with improvement of special effects over the years the story gets better and better, the last one (I've watched) being the best so far. First 2 were just sick and bloody, disgusting, and the special effects and filming were crap, the 3rd one was good tho, the 4th one was great and the 5th one was awesome. *yawn*


5 Days Left

5... Until Christmas goes live!

Internet In Picture Form

Enjoy surfing the gigantic waves of CyberSpace, heres a picture of it. ;)

Later, Cyber

6 Days Left

6 days, until the great crazy craze...

So whats for today? You get a worthless collection of unfinished and crappy Doom (1) WADS, created during my earliest Doom WAD Creation days. Download here. If you think you could expand/finish any of these levels then please download and do so, though you would probably be better starting off a completely new level. If you would like to play them and see how really crappy they are, go ahead! Beware, they are crappy, hehe. Most of them don't work either, and will either shut down your game or look very buggy. If your new at playing Custom WADs on Doom, you should either get a Doom Editor to play it in or Ultimate Doom (with loader) in which you can select custom levels and play them. Just so you know, I have a few better levels that are still being created, so don't judge my Doom WAD creating skills by this, it's mostly just for my own sake I'm posting it. A memory, lol.

Hmmm, so would you like to know whats been going on in my life today? Homework. Tons. Of Homework. And goddamn, I missed the VG Cats Comic Competition I was planning on playing a part in, just got to much work to do. *sigh* I'll be getting back to work now.

Later, Cyber

9-8-7 Days Left

9 now 8 now only 7 left, heres an explanation for my update theft...

Saturday - I woke up, I perched myself in front of the computer with the intention of finishing all my homework, but ended up watching Snakes on a Plane, the first season and a half of Weeds, Four Brothers, Deerhunter and the newest episodes of Naruto and Bleach. Mission... failed.

Sunday - I wake up with a horrid headache, which I know will probably develop into an even worse migraine. My cousins are coming over for lunch and this night my sister will be having a singing performance. That all goes to hell. I go to bed at about 15 after I start feeling sick (throw up twice) and try to sleep for about 5 hours, I then go take a long shower until the warm water runs out and go back to trying to sleep in a few more hours until I slowly drift away...

Monday - I wake up early, thanks to having rested mostly all day the day before (did I mention I got up at 11 ?). This morning I have a presentation for English class, that I was planning on finishing and preparing for during the weekend, but never got done. School goes on until 17 and I get home in time for dinner and a quick update before I go to bed. Not to mention all the homework I still have to finish before Christmas holidays start on Thursday. I can predict that this will be a very stressful week, and my weekend didn't turn out very relaxing.

Well, I'm in the process of finishing all my remaining homework so I won't be posting much (wrote all the above this morning, today turned out better than I had planned). After Christmas vacation I'll be getting a second chance to finish my presentation, I've finished most of my assignments, I'll be finishing the rest today and tomorrow, haha, everything's fantastic. Ok, moving on to todays update, the incredible Christmas gifts were giving away at CyberDoze in the form of free hosting. Here's the info:

Hello everyone!

To celebrate this years great Christmas, we are holding an event for all new users (all of you with 0 posts), by posting as little as 20 posts before Christmas (Dec 24), you will receive a free web-hosting account! If your are not registered yet, hurry up and do so now. All accounts have the following features:

+ 500MB Space
+ 5000MB Bandwidth
+ 5 Domains, FTP Accounts, MySQL Databases
+ UNLIMITED Mailing listing, Domain Pointers, Forwarders and Sub-domains
+ Direct Admin Control Panel

Upgrades will always be available from time to time in future contests. If/when you reach 20 posts and want an account PM me (Cyberdevil), or post in the thread below.

Include the following info:


(leave blank for same user name as on the forums)

(leave blank for random, you can change later)

(your account info will be sent here)

NOTE! You will need a domain to sign up, if you don't have one you can get one for free at or (there are many more, if you can find them)

Enjoy! And I'll be seeing you tomorrow with another fresh update as usual. ;)

UPD: Free posting contest by Christmas is over, thread link removed.

10 Days Left

10 Days left,
Only ten days!
Until we celebrate
In many different ways

No matter the place
Puts a smile on the face
And there is no competition
Still every thing's a race

Waiting till late night
For some its early day
When presents are opened
And everyone goes YAY

While everyone in snoring
Some wake up in the morning
Somewhere the sun is shining
Somewhere the rain is pouring

Here it's hopefully snowing
Outside the plows are plowing
I peacefully eat my porridge
Watching the moon glowing

Through mist and clouded clouds
The sun looks curiously down
Upon the rare footprints
Of creatures moving around

Everything is still
Everything is quite
Still people sleep restlessly
In the late of the night

Suddenly I remember
It's already the 14th of December
And I still haven't bought a single gift
So much thoughts I miss

The next week
There will be little time
All shops will be crowded
People standing in line

I have a lot of assignments
I have to get done
But after all is finished
Then it's time to have fun

When everything is over
And it's Christmas in the air
I'll wrap in all the presents
And I'll have time to prepare

Then I can stop these updates
Then I can relax and chill
Beside the Christmas tree
With endless time...

To Kill.

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