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The Secret History Of The Moon

A bit closer, a bit further away. Like our little guardian angel, keeping us safe... and now NASA want to build a moonbase.

I really wonder about the implications our actions will have on life as we know it. If our strife to journey off into space and find a new home will be the death of our current one. There's so much we've yet to learn, and yet we're taking steps maybe we shouldn't take before we do.

We're All Just Hibernating...

We're all just hibernating with the snipers waiting.

- Tech N9ne, though I'm paraphrasing.

The Humble Covid Bundle

The Humble Covid Bundle

Hope you got this one. Was good. Posting a bit late (no I didn't). It's over.

Chutney Comic #2

Chutney Comic #2

Chutney Glaze ladies and gentlemen. Go check him out. Source here.

The Corona Cause

  • Did 5G cause the coronavirus? No.
  • Does 5G cause disease similar to the coronavirus? Yes.
  • Did COVID-19 originate in bats? No.
  • Is COVID-19 a recombinant RNA virus, created in a laboratory, intentionally or unintentionally, as part of a research program whose purpose was to protect the population? Did it escape accidentally from a virology laboratory in Wuhan, China? Probably.

According to Arthur Firstenberg, that is.

Compared to the controversial David Icke interview I'd say this seems a bit more easy to believe though, with well-researched opinions and pointers. Face masks are apparently useless too, ventilators can be directly life-threatening when used to treat patients with covid-19, and 5G is still a threat. Feel free to read the full thing here.

If the worldwide quarantine situation has anything to do with 5G though? Maybe a future send-out might provide some further discoveries.

That 5G Space Appeal newsletter. It's pretty interesting.

A TERRIBLE Review For KayHosting

It's been a while since I posted about hosting here.

Last time I did it was to leave a BAD review for Hosting Cove, a company I signed up for a reseller with, and when after two years of having it only as a backup decided to use it... I couldn't. I contacted support. They never got back to me. Later they closed down.

I'm no longer a customer there since they no longer exist... or do they? Not sure. Not looking.

I signed up for a new backup reseller a while back though, this time at just about twice the price, plotting to finally get serious with my side-hustle hosting endeavors, and unfortunately I chose badly. The company I signed up with was KayHosting, which have now been down since December last year. They offered a pretty good plan...

Master Reseller Specials - Master Reseller, 600GB
First Payment Amount: $39.00 USD

I actually didn't notice they were down until I was supposed to receive an invoice to renew my plan this year, but it never came, and when I check the site it's no longer there. Fortunately I only paid for one year, at a lifetime rebate price of course, but that's still one year at twice the price I had on the previous, which I had for half the time.

Seems history keeps repeating itself.

Apparently though this particular host isn't just one that up and disappeared for unknown reasons, but probably an intentional scam.

Along with the above ArkaHosting, Bigfoot Servers, DCNHost, HostBRZ, HostedSimply, Hosting73, KudoHosting, LQHosting, MegaZoneHosting, MyHostingSrv, n3Servers, ServerStrong, SnowVPS, SolvedByData, SparkVPS, StrongHosting, SuperbVPS, SupremeVPS, TCNHosting, UpbeatHosting, UMaxHosting, VPSFortune, WelcomeHosting and X4Servers disappeared in the same swoop. All had the same analytics code.

It seems they were all part of the same thing, yet I didn't even get a notice. Some more info here.

I should probably choose my hosts a bit more carefully. Props at least to WHB for sticking around all this time, my first and foremost. Time to keep an eye out for some alternative sweet deals again; hopefully on hosts that'll stick around too...

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