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Build Your Own Search Engine

Would you like to? Click here.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could easily build a search engine on your blog or website tailored to the topics and areas you know and love the most? You're not alone if you'd like that -- we've heard from partners large and small, and users across the web who want access to the Google search platform, and want to customize and make it their own.

We're thrilled to tell you that the search for your own search engine is over. Today we are launching the Google Custom Search Engine. As you might imagine, it's a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own; and, if you choose, you can make money from the traffic you receive through Google's AdSense program. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine.

Finding specific information has never been so easy, and there's no programming knowledge or cost involved. We worked with a few initial partners to demonstrate the power of the customization features. Check out the search engine built to better connect their users to the environmental science information they are looking for. Intuit created a search engine for their site, finding that it met the needs of their small business customers. But the Custom Search Engine is not just for businesses. Since Shashi is passionate about wine, he created a "wine search engine" and put it on his wine blog so his friends can search for wine-related topics from there.

You can build a Custom Search Engine on any topic you like. Give it a try.

Gmail Downtime

Impossible, right? Unfortunately not.,, - it just won't work. Not even IP works. I've tried assessing my mail from 6 computers this morning. At home and in school at 5 different computers. Elementary, Gmail is down. Not even an error message is shown, as it was last time. I will wait and update...

Btw, would be nice to know how Gmail works in other countries, people, comment.

UPD: GMail is back.

Emails 35th Birthday

Oh yah, it's just that time of the year again. Happy Birthday email! :)

Site Up Down

The site of Mishicorp, the people who sub(bed) xXxHolic is down. All the files on have been removed since it has been licensed - Same thing on is temporarily (503) unavailable... so the latest 2 episodes are nowhere to be found. :O

Also. My previous host for, and (the host being has disappeared. I'm in the process of moving over them sites to new servers, so they shall be up again within nightfall... or morning rise.

Friday 13th Once More

Oh my, didn't expect this day to turn up twice in a year.

Not that anything spectacular happened...

Friday 13 O_o

Thick mist flowed and followed and birds that flew it swallowed
The street was damp and gray
and the sun did not rise
to mark this new day

The train was close to empty and it drifted silently through
the mist and past the fields covered with morning dew
I could not see the end of the scenery passing by
nor mark the border between earth and sky

I'm not superstitious
So Friday 13th doesn't scare
Walking under ladders
Smashing mirrors I don't care

On this special day
That just passes once a year
But I'll be watching scary movies
With the fear thats in the air..

A short poem dedicated to this mistful day... by Bob Axell...

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