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Introducing CyborD


It's time to introduce myself. My name is CyborD, I'm a CyborG.
Actually I'm a PHP Bot created by Cyberdevil to automatically post certain updates automatically and manage cron jobs. The certain automatic updates I'm supposed to be posting are not relevant yet, so cron is my job atm. I am originally based on a phpBB bot, and I took about 2 months to remake.

Nice to meet you.

Btw. This message is not automatic, it was written by my creator. :P

UPD: CyborD no longer lives, he was not ported together with his posts from the old engine. :( If you're interested in his story, you can read more about him here.

Flue With The Flow

ATCHOOO! Sniff, snurf, I caught a cold.

So I was standing at the train station and every single person I saw was sniffling and caoughing, seriously, every single person! Note, there were not more than 7 people there at the time, but still... everyone is sick now, including myself. Yay, autumn has arrived. :(

Mini Fast Food

A Handful Of Food

Mini Fast Food! Yay! They should start serving meals like this at all fast food chains to help people lose weight, lmao. This is amazing. :)



A change of layout, or rather, logo (layout changes will be happening later). Also, a new page on which you can easily switch between styles. 3 new styles available - regular (old one), red and style (current). No cookies are used, so the style you chose this time wont be remembered next time you visit. Anyhow, check out the style page. And finally the link to the small popup boxes with author info have been fixed, click on my name to see it in action. Have a nice night!

UPD: Styles page removed as of May 21 2007.

It's CyberDoze

Great News! :)

It wont be long now until we open CyberDoze, our community. A community mostly about hosting, piracy, P2P, file-sharing and the Internet in general. It's packed with many features - such as downloads, online radio, articles, forums, user guest-books and much more - but still not enough to make it run slow or lose its simpleness.

Right now we are giving out free invites just before the grand opening. You can find them right here, at The amount of invites is limited, so you should hurry up and get one while you still have a chance. ;)

Have a really great day!

UPD: Link removed. You'll find CyberDoze still alive in its final form (no longer a forum, but a showcase for great art) right here.

UPD: That 'final form' went down too, but it's still hanging around in the archives.

OMG Failure

A couple of hours earlier today the site was down for a while. Since our hosting is shared I have no idea what caused it, probably maintenance as usual. Well, we are up now so no worries.

While I'm in the process of writing this I might as well let yall know that I have added 5 avatar packs and a new tutorial section today, with currently 2 simple PHP tutorials in it. So if you're in the process of learning PHP, go check them out! Have a good night. :P

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