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Monkey Replacable Air Filters

Monkey Replacable Air Filters

Caught this fun little blurb on some nameless air filter-selling site recently.

The translation basically reads:
The price on the air filter is slim, and even a monkey can replace it.

In a way... they're kinda calling their potential customers monkeys, aren't they? XD It's fun to read, but I wonder how it really works for sales...

RyanAir's Overkill SEO

Overkill SEO

Look at that re-occurring keyword density. XD

Translation maybe not ideal on this one...

pCloud Speed Test

pCloud Speed Test

Theirs was a good one! Though... link? No? It's a service embedded in their account apparently, so if you happen to sign up for one...

750 Word Badges 2023

750 Word Badges 2023

I done been writing for a minute now apparently. :)

Consistent writing count credibility in the form of incremental visual collector-based badge nobilities above - got the final badge last year.

Screencapped for posterity.

On Covid

Bill Gates & Joe Rogan...

Controversial; unconstitutional; some may say unwelcome truths. :)

Foo Fighter Tour Cancellations

The Foo Fighter Tour Cancellation Message

RIP Taylor Hawkins... crazy how soon after that movie this all went down.

It's almost... *shall say no more*

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