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Pokemon: The Horror Movie

My perception of Pokemon has suddenly been drastically altered. :|

What a thing though. If this really was a real movie...

The Patreon Pledge Anomaly

The Patreon Pledge Anomaly

Just noticed this thing in my notifications hmm. For this one month only. Hope it's only a visual anomaly...

Google One

Google One

I have no idea what this is, but it seems interesting! Something about storage. Possibly not for the normal individual at all. Possibly only for companies, or for those with paid plans (those with paid Google Drive upgrades will apparently be getting upgraded early).

I stumbled upon this today while browsing through Google's ever-expanding array of often useful and so very functional products.

You can sign up for early updates right here if you like.

UPD: Some more info here, though it seems to still be a work in progress... basically: a little bit more of everything. A bit cheaper. A bit better. A bit more of an incentive-based Google experience.

I Just Don't Know How To Express...

I just don't know how to express myself sometimes when I need to be properly different.

Ain't that the truth.

Winter Time Kamikaze Drawing Rounds

Our time shifted today. Summer to winter. As if to make it official the snow swept in against us during both our morning and afternoon promenade, and between those times the sun shone outside; we sat in with cake and a cup of tea, celebrating my sister's 40th birthday.

Happy Birthday Maud!

I've been uploading Inktober submissions to the site today, both old and new, and you'll probably be seeing some more of the new ones in the coming days! They're all drawn via this. Go check it out. It's pretty fun!

I had some other dues I hoped to do today, but alas the weekend's up now, and tomorrow it all starts again. Winter time or no it seems I wake up the same time. I was hoping I'd have an hour to spare. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm listening to Eminem's newest album as I write this, and have been most of today. Kamikaze. I love it. From the first round and all that follow! Favorite tracks right now, in order:

  1. Normal
  2. Not Alike
  3. Lucky You
  4. The Ringer
  5. Greatest
  6. Venom

...that last one's just so catchy! Stepping Stones would definitely have been one of those if it wasn't for the Berserk-like bits of it, which just don't fit a bit, and it's a shame about the MGK feud but you can't not appreciate that track anyway. I'm not taking sides. I'm tuned in to both. I appreciate y'all.

This whole album's great though! What a change from the previous! Em does it best without the hype. With a little bit of anger. I think I'll keep this on loop for at least a few days and nights now.

See you soon, with quite a few soon due Inktober doodles.

George Orwell - A Final Warning

I just stumbled upon this, his very last message to the world, and sadly it's as relevant now as ever. Seen in the wrong light it may be hard to see that boot, or to feel it pressing upon you if it starts doing so so ever so slightly, increasing its weight over time, but if you're aware of it then you can remove your face. You can fell your victor. There's billions of us, and there's really not many who trample us down.

Climb the pyramid and grapple that crown. Let the pyramid topple, and of us the lot, all, get back on the ground.

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