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20 Days Left

20 days now, until I might start playin WoW...

And for todays update I'll be adding 3 more translations, this time they're for phpStatus, Freeforum and HESK , all translated by me. You'll find them on the language page. All of you who are either not Swedish or don't use these scripts probably find these first 2 day updates pretty boring, but no worries, tomorrow will be about something completely different. ;)

Also, check out the newest event at CyberDoze , we'll be giving out another great hosting plan to whichever user posts post nr. 1000! The final rush will probably start in a few days. ;) Later, Cyber

21 Days Left

21 Days remain of darkness and rain...

Apparently I can't count (and not spell either, lmao), I said that there were 23 days left yesterday, when twas only 22. Anyway, for todays update I bring you the Swedish translation for Phorum 5116. 5116 = version number. Translated by me, from English to Swedish. All you Swedish Phorum users jump with joy.

Btw, just watched the newest addition in the James Bond Movie Series - Casino Royale. Despite Bonds style having been changed completely, it really is a movie worth seeing, it was better than I had predicted (I predicted that it would suck, lol, but it was amazing). Anyways, you really should watch it. Watched Ghost in the Shell 3 as well, another great movie, animated. :P

Later, Cyber.


The countdown begins! The countdown towards Christmas. 23 days left. Every day until the almighty 24th I will be adding something new to the site. New background and logo have been added today, and I changed some of the site colors (to red) to give it all a Christmas-ish feeling.

Watched 48 Hours and Bone Collector yesterday btw, both very (well, they weren't black and white at least) old movies, but both great. Later, Cyber.

Link Update 2

Yeah, it's that time of time again! The time when I go through my bookmarks, removing the old non-working links and cleaning up, adding the real treasures to the sites almighty links page. So, here are the scores:


(sites that have disappeared)
dogmas NG ranks section (maybe)


(links added to the links page)

Also, it's world aids day today. Not really worth 'celebrating', maybe donating some cash to the unfortunate is better. :P Anyway, go here for more info:

View additional info for the rest, if you like. I don't want to clutter up the front page too much. ;)

Read on...


CyberDoze is now a proud sponsor of the great xennoBB community. In other words, were hosting it. If you haven't been there yet, go check it out, and if you haven't visited CyberDoze yet, a link is available at the bottom of their page, hehe.

Also, been playing the flash game red ALL day, check it out here. and let me know if I'm the only one who gets addicted of it... must be the best game of the century...

UPD: Red link removed, search the arcade to play.

Penguins Running

It's cold. It's winter. It's snowing, tomorrow, I hope. At least on Christmas, it has to be...

Penguins Running

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