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Internet Poetry

Websites come and websites go
Why they disappear I don't know
New Ones are made and the Internet grows
Developing friends and foes.

Sites are hacked and they go down
Without backups they never get around
To keeping the site online furthermore
I tell you all to backups adore.

Normal people watch TV
While I sit in front of my computer screen
And live for websites which I mean.

Spend all night working on code
Which will a simple page reload
On a virtual world open for 18 years
Who knows when the net.

Will simply, disappear...

9999 Anime Wallpapers

You better believe it! :P With this we now have the 3rd biggest anime wallpaper archives on the Internet. After TheOtaku and another unknown site. Many people think that have the most, since so they state, but they're falling behind now. :P Also, we just passed AnimePaper! One of the better anime wallpaper sites on the web. The wallpapers page will be updated as soon as I code a better script to sort all the wallpapers with, thumbnail type. Having 9999 links in a list or browsing them one after another just doesn't work very well.

Backup Nr.1

You won't believe me when I say this, but i haven't made a full site backup since the beginning of 2005. It's about time, eh? The site has grown in size, both visitors and files. The backup is now saved on 2 DVDs, and next time it'll probably be 3. Anyway, CyborD will handle weekly SQL backups, backups of all changed/new files monthly and complete site backups once a year. Not having backups has cost me more than the DVDs I'll have to waste to save all the backups on. Time is money, lmao.

CyberD Ecards

For whatever you've ever done, forever

What? We're opening an E-cards page? Well I guess we are then. It's not done yet, so stay cool. Comments/Feedback - Appreciated.

Introducing CyborD


It's time to introduce myself. My name is CyborD, I'm a CyborG.
Actually I'm a PHP Bot created by Cyberdevil to automatically post certain updates automatically and manage cron jobs. The certain automatic updates I'm supposed to be posting are not relevant yet, so cron is my job atm. I am originally based on a phpBB bot, and I took about 2 months to remake.

Nice to meet you.

Btw. This message is not automatic, it was written by my creator. :P

UPD: CyborD no longer lives, he was not ported together with his posts from the old engine. :( If you're interested in his story, you can read more about him here.

Flue With The Flow

ATCHOOO! Sniff, snurf, I caught a cold.

So I was standing at the train station and every single person I saw was sniffling and caoughing, seriously, every single person! Note, there were not more than 7 people there at the time, but still... everyone is sick now, including myself. Yay, autumn has arrived. :(

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