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Happy New Year!

I said the site was going to be done before 2005, but I guess I was wrong, I haven't had time to finish half of what I had in mind, but the site is a good way on its way and most of the pages are up now too. When the clock shows 00:00 I'm going to put the new cyberdyze logo up.

Forums Fixed

Sorry for the forums not working before. I had some trouble installing a mod, but it should be fixed now. If you see any errors please tell me.


Here is version 3 of the site! Not completely done yet though. So far this is the only page that looks like this, but things will soon change. I have big plans for cyberdyze now. :)

Shortly I will be adding:

- A new gallery, where you will as a member be able to submit your own pictures, rate and comment on others and create your own personal gallery.
- A new library where you will as a member be able to submit your own articles and other literature and comment and rate on others.
- A downloads page where you will as a member be able to submit your own downloads.
- A lot more games.
- A link page where you will be able to as a member submit your own links/rate others.
- An automatic news posting thing (will make things a lot easier for me).
- A better shop.
- More!

Also, the forums do not currently work, but I'm working on it and I'll fix it sometime soon. :)

Monthly Poster Award

From now on, at the end of every month, the user who has posted the most (at the forums) will get an award. Example: I posted the most in October, so I get a poster award! lol. You can choose between 3 prizes:

1 - Mymode (You get to post 1 announcement of your choice on the frontpage! (here) )
2 - Godmode (You'll be unbannable for a week, post whatever you want to without getting banned!)
3 - Modmode (Youll be a mod for a day! If you're a good mod, maybe I'll even let you stay a mod. ;) )


Nothing big, the gallery page has been updated, I'm working on the soundbox, it will have 99 songs in it when completed. =) New linkus buttons and some other small changes. We also have a new affiliate!!

Layout Changes

I don't know if it's better then the last layout, maybe some of you might think it's too simple. I had to change the layout though since the old one had loads of bugs and didn't work at all in Netscape.

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