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Pokemon Progress

The golden game Gold recently addicted me, so I've been playing it oldschool on my GBC for the past few days. I made it through Pokemon League last night, and today I've made it all the way to the diglet tunnel hidden behind Snorlax massive sleeping body. Woke him up with the radio after picking up a piece of the powerplant from a fleeing theief nearby. Catching Snorlax was a breeze, used one of a few cloned Masterballs I have stashed away. I've made it through the game twice before, so everything is floating on like a breeze, I remember most of the events and how I should be getting there, but it's always nice when new things surprise me.

One thing that surprised me was the EXP-All Utsugi gave me for Gyrados red scale. I thought he wanted the whole Gyrados, so I made a clone of him, waste of time. I did an interesting discovery with EXP-All too, cloned it and gave it to all six of my Pokemon, and noticed, unfortunately, that it slits up the EXP double equally between all Pokemon who posses it, it's a shame, would've been so nice if all six Pokemon could gain a 1000something EXP every time I blast through Pokemon league, I'd have the whole collection in no time! :)

Been trying to catch rare Pokemon too. Catching Grimer and Muk was a piece of cake, one attack, then one Greatball each, no trouble. Catching Ditto was hell, I killed him/her (it, I mean, seeing as it lacks gender) while trying to capture it. Next time I managed to bring it down to the point where the red line was barely visible, I then paralyzed it, made it sleep, and wasted more than ten Greatballs, a couple of Ultraballs and even (just for experimentational purposes) a Pokeball, before finally capturing it, with a Greatball. That's like $8,000 - for a level ten Ditto! O_o Yamik was a pain in the ass as well, but most Pokemon go fine.

Pokemon Blue, Red & Chrystal should be popping up in my mailbox sometime next week, as well as a link cable that hopefully works between old and new GameBoy consoles. Otherwise I'll have to buy a new (old, of course) console from someone and that would be a waste. Could borrow one of course, maybe, but it would be much easier if it worked like it should work. I have Yellow already, so I look forward to trading in a few of the older Pokemon that aren't possible or are very hard to get in Gold. If it's possible to trade with Yellow, seeing as it's the very first generation hand-held Pokemon game... Chrystal is what I look forward to most though, but I won't be playing any next weekdays, too much to do, till next time in my supremely interesting Pokemon Life!

Quake 2

This game is pretty addicting. I picked up the old disc a few days back and started playing once again, this time set on completing it (I got lost somewhere in the sewers last time I played it), and it went pretty well! I even found a secret room with credits, and beyond it a posse of foes in a spectacular pose. Thought I'd take a print screen and share it here, but wth, it didn't work so well, this is how it turned out.


And here's the credits.


You can see the outlines, but why the colors became this distorted beats me, it's not how it looks when playing, I can assure you that! If you feel like seeing the scenery with better image quality just download my save file at the bottom of this post/stuff/">. I saved about eight times on the last level, so you can enjoy all the moments it has to offer. The entrance, the weapon pick ups, the boss fight stage one, the boss fight stage two, the boss fight after the boss is dead, the secret room, the credits room, and the escape just before the outro movie starts playing. That's it.

I've always appreciated good FPSs, and it's no surprise that this one goes straight to my soul seeing as my old favorite Doom & Doom 2 were made by the same developers just a decade earlier. ID Software still manages to throw together games that revolutionize FPS as we know it for a while, and this one wasn't an exception. Quake 2 stayed in the store shelfs longer than any other game the year it was released, and the year after, and it stayed in stores long after that. Two official expansions were released for the game. I tried playing the first one after completion, but it won't run, gives me an 'Initialization Error'... I wonder what that is? Anyhow, it was fun as long as it lasted, and if you don't have anything against lesser quality graphics, it is highly recommended. My control config is included in the download above too btw, snap that in your folder to use the modern WASD keys and mouse to look around, as well as reasonable graphic and video settings instead of the outdated default. With all the options included, it seems like they were planning for the future, though.

Download “Quake 2 Savefile” – Downloaded 130 times – 419 KB

8Bit Killer

8Bit Killer

It's not often you find a bundle of entertainment this small. Here's a featurerich game that boasts a dussin plus levels, almost the same amount of enemies, a small array of standard weapons and a great soundtrack. There are no spectacular intro screens, no save points, no nonense. It's a fastpaced runthrough action drama (it has a storyline, though) that at least I enjoyed playing. Download the game at the bottom of this post, and here's a link to the official website. The game is free to download, upload, and share, so feel free to play it as well. There is no readme or ingame info included, so here's a quick guide (probably the only one, too) for the game (might build upon it later, so keep the link if it is of interest).

The 8Bit Killer Guide


FIRE - Left mouse button
OPEN/SELECT - Right mouse button
MOVEMENT - Arrow keys


Your standard weapon never runs out of ammo. All others use the same ammunition cartridges. There are plenty to fill up your weapon with, but be sure you have enough to spare.

Pistol - Standard weapon.
Rifle - Faster and more powerful than your standard firepower.
Shotgun - Lethal on close range, can hit multiple enemies from further away.
Machine Gun - Doesn't do as much damage as the rifle, but fire much much faster, and it eats your ammo, too.


Shoot anything that moves, open anything that looks like a door, and press the button at the end of each level to move on. There are over a dussin levels in total, and a few "boss battles" inbetween.  There isn't much strategy involved, just be sure to stay away from enemy bullets, and yet get close enough for your shots to do any harm. There is health and ammo to collect on a regular basis, but no save points, and you only get three chances to continue, so don't die too much. Have fun!

Download “32 Wads - Pack 32” – Downloaded 302 times – 9 MB


Looking through old games, I found Serious Sam, one I'd previously never played before due to it crashing down on my stuffy Windows XP drives. With the new 1.5 patch, however, it works as a charm. I thought I'd play a level or two, and ended up spending a few (roughly 16) hours in front of the computer charging through the hordes of monsters that came swarming at me as a rampant bull. The scenarios are beautiful, the arenas are large, and the plot is clear as apple pie. Of course I didn't take any pictures of the levels I liked best, like the wide deserts, the great port to Memphis or the sparkling oasis. Nor did I take pictures of the hundreds of monsters that came charging at me at the same time, spawned by the sands of time (too busy hitting the action button) but regardless, here's a few screens of the sequence.

Seriously 1

Seriously 2

Seriously 3

Read on...


A new puzzle/arcade game is out at Kenney. Marblet is its name, a nice ambient and highly addictive runthrough. Twenty levels, played through today, so here are the passwords collected for each and everyone. If you don't have anything better to do than playing through it yourself, see if you can beat my highscore, hehe, enjoy!


Game Passwords

02 - easyno
03 - third
04 - roller
05 - spark
06 - zappa
07 - magic
08 - marble
09 - glide
10 - tenyay
11 - dare
12 - snake
13 - greed
14 - omgwtf
15 - choice
16 - maze
17 - twist
18 - rundmc (favorite)
19 - spin
20 - final

Congratulations! You finished the game!
Score: 9949

GTA SA Messed Up

It's a bit distorted, don't you think? Happens once in a while when I play the game for a long time. How about you?

GTA SA Fucked Up

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