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Worms Armageddon Printscreen

Have you ever tried taking a printscreen of your stats in Worms Armageddon? On the PC? I tried it today, and it doesn't work! This is one of the few ( ok, the only one ) game I've tried taking a printscreen of that doesn't turn out right. You get two rectangles combined with a black background instead of the complete windowed superstar kills deaths stat divisions that are supposed to appear. It surprises me that this game, especially when it's such an old game like Worms Armageddon, has the ability of disabling printscreen abilities. O_o Anyhow, just though I'd let you know. Cyber Out.

Gta Sa 100%

Yes! I finished the game! No, not just the missions, the entire thing. Collected all horseshoes, oysters, snapshots, did all sub-missions, everything. It took me 251 ingame days, which is 81 hours. Doesn't sound like much, it really doesn't, even though I've been playing the game for over a year now.

Check out my stats!

Also, you can download my savefile below, if you like. It's not perfect, but it's 100%... so you'll see the hydra and the tank by CJ's crib as well as a whole bunch of weapons in the houses. Oh, and I have a few millions dollars as well. :) I can keep playing GTA SA forever, but I don't feel like wasting time when I've completed the game, so I've unistalled it already. Looking forward to the sequel, it sounds very promising. Word is that it will be as revolutionary after GTA SA as GTA 3 was after the original. Can't WAIT! (2273 downloads )


Riding High Bike

Driving on bridge cables is fun! And look, I found a parachute too!

On The Bridge


Great Date

The date was disastrous, despite our nice trip through the park on a stolen cop motorbike.

Nice Ride

Checkout my nice ride. Complete with 10x nitro and hydroulics.

Writing On The Wall

Scribbles on the wall...

Fire Proof

I'm hot! I'm on fire! But that doesn't matter, cause I completed all 12 levels of the Firetruck missions, so I can stand the heat. The quest for 100% on GTA SA is just getting started . . .

San Andreas

So, I was racing the Cobra circuit in the Mount Chilliad race trilogy when this plane came out of nowhere and crashed right into me! Seriously. It's something that really doesn't happen often. It's never happened to me before in the 173 ingame days I've been wandering around the world of San Andreas. Wish I had the chance to capture the moment on video, heh . . .

Anyhow, collected all Oysters today, woot! Without cheating. I'm working on a "GTA SA All in One Map" with a bunch of important locations . A few locations are taken from other maps, like the rusty chair, ghost car, tikki theater, etc. I had no idea they existed. Will be adding tags, place names, etc, later. Also! I found a bug!!! It's a bug that to my knowledge has not been found before, and therefore I am naming it "the Bob Bug". Entitled after me! Woo! :D

NOTE: Pictures removed since the image hosting services hosting them was taken down, they'll be posted again sometime, in the future, or not. I started hosting all images at localhost after this.

Doom Is Doomed

I am tired yet restless, and utterly unmotivated. Also slow an unneffective. Only today. Though I should be spending all possible time preparing for a presentation tomorrow and finishing another big assignment, I instead chose to dust of my GBA and play Doom. Sped through the games 3 episodes in a mere 48 minutes. I know my way through all the levels. I know all the secrets, I know which corners the monsters are lurking behind and how many hits it will take with each weapon to kill each enemy. After all the years of wad collecting and extensive playing I've grown tired of the game, Doom is doomed. I've played it enough. Now, moving on to the next part of the series! Doom 2. A game which I have played at least a few hundred times less than it's predator. And if my computer could handle it, Doom 3 as well, but not now, I have stuff to do before days the stuff has to be done. Days that are approaching by the minutes that pass writing this. Summer, is bliss.

GTA SA DoublePack

GTA SA For Real

I'm in the movie business, all of a sudden, sorta. :D

I threw together a GTA SA Music Video yesterday. It took half the day. I had a lot of extra material, so I threw together another one, it took the other half. They turned out pretty good though. Since I moved over most of the files on my computer to my external HD, making movies is a lot fast than it was before. I don't have to wait for minutes between every added clip anymore, hehe. They're in the FTPDB, and on YouTube. I'm not very active there atm, so people don't find my stuff. When I have time that will change though.

Watch them

- GTA SA - Collapsing
- GTA SA - Beautiful

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