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The New Blue Screen

The New Blue Screen

Was wondering when I'd get a message about this, and bam, here it is. Full screen blue screen for the first time today, without warning just as I was surfing the net. Doesn't bode well for the upgrade they suggest, where unwanted, unwarranted, without-warning notifications like this seem to be one of the main new features...

I'm just not very pro-Microsoft these days. Holding on to some vague hope that they'll come to their senses and take the right road again, but these days it just doesn't seem likely...

10 Years On Twitter

Firing up my page of twitters. Vrrrrrmmmmm....

And that's not even counting my first account. :) Feels like I need to commemorate this somehow.

I was there before it was a thing. Before status updates turned to communiqués, news items and political statements. Before it was cool. Before it was censored. Before it felt like a good use of time to stay active and contribute (does it now?)... but I hear they're introducing the privilegium to delete inactive accounts at will, so maybe I'll actually have to up that fire a little further soon...

Maybe 2020, when I actually have something to promote there.

Happy 10th, old profile of mine.

Giant Robot On eBay Again

The first attempt didn't work out! Hope this time they got some serious buyers... apparently it's sold again.

Giant Robot On eBay Starting At $1

It's not at $1 any longer but still... this is pretty cool! Auction link.

Typing To The Test

Remember 10 Fast Fingers? Well I just discovered something similar to test my speed-typing tendencies! It has a little more competitive an interface, different categories - complete with what you might call dialectal typos if you happen to go by American English - and rankings that let you list your initials, score, location (as long as it's within the UK) and see how you rank.

It's pretty fun. Give it a try. I got...




Read on...

Adobe Flash Update Lies

Where we’ve seen a need to push content and interactivity forward, we’ve innovated to meet those needs. Where a format didn’t exist, we invented one – such as with Flash and Shockwave.

No you didn't. Macromedia did.

You bought the rights to their innovations, and since then you've maintained them dishonorably, the lot of them, treating them like competitive products even when they were under your own corporate umbrella; eventually either modifying them to match your corporate image or phasing them out entirely. Like with Fireworks, the impeccably lightweight webdesign/photo/vector/graphic manipulation software that you ended in favor of the by comparison, but unfortunately more popular, overly difficult and bloated Photoshop..

Just gotta say. I'm not impressed.

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