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My Old Twitters

Browsed through my old Twitter messages today. 606 of them. It's interesting how back in the day you just said what you were doing, right then and there, and ten years later (it's been almost ten years since my last post at least) it's evolved into more of a chatroom than a list of status updates. So much more dynamic. And so much less about status updates than points of interest - a mesh of news, dues and random inspiration.

Almost like a lightweight version of Tumblr.

Also I miss Ananova. Quirkies... remember? There's so much nostalgia in those tweets, short and pointless as they may be. Some places are gone, but some sites never die! City Creator's still there, for one. Still fun. It's not in Flash either so maybe it'll live past 2020 too.

I don't remember playing Dragon Fable at all. But the site. Hmm. Seems very Time Hunter-like...

No time to go Google now, but just thought I'd post a note. If you want to check my twitters, new and old - inexistent and archived - they're here and here. Maybe some day that second one will actually come to life... maybe. Some day.

Blank YT Pages

Blank YT Page

Ever stumbled upon one of these? Blank YT pages. Usually they show an error to let you know what's up (or down), but sometimes...

Those Mysterious Cookies

Those Mysterious Cookies

I wonder if this one notice really complies with the GDPR...

YT Kills Private Messaging

Because of minimal usage, we will no longer be supporting private messaging in Creator Studio.
The capability to send and receive private messages will end on July 9, 2018. All private messages will be deleted on July 9, 2018.
While you won’t be able to send or receive private messages in Creator Studio, you’ll still have these options for communicating with YouTube users.
The YouTube Team

...and that's it. That's all they say. Not even a 'kindly' or 'best regards'. Just: kill the feature. Goodbye.

They Pirated Their Own Video...

...and this is what happened! :D Wouldn't mind if more studios give this a try, though it definitely works best the first time. Props on an anti-piracy initiative well done!



Wonder what this is all about.

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