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Amidst Mediocre Downtime Woes

Went in on NG and the server couldn't be found.

First thought: Trump must've shut down the lines between the US and Sweden. These are surreal times after all. I disregarded local connection issues as my own site seemed to work fine, but realized I hadn't reloaded the tab in a while. Opened Google, since that didn't work either...

Turns out it was local after all. So now, was it my computer, or the modem, or cable, or ISP? Restarted the modem. No deal. Tried troubleshooting. No diagnostics service. Tried opening up the Windows list of services to see if I can possibly enable it there, and it's taking a while to load, so instead of just wasting this time I'm writing this instead, which could potentially also be seen as wasting time, but wasting with a word count at least. And it really is taking forever. I went and did a quick push-up/sit-up session in the other room and it's still loading. I'm running some file transfers in parallel so if this isn't all solved by...

Oh hey. It loaded. Was going to say I might as well reboot the computer.

But I think I'll have to reboot anyway because none of the services in the list had the same name as the one that was apparently disabled, so I assume this isn't how you activate it... I can reach it via the open processes window, but it's one of those processes that only activates when you need it, and otherwise automatically turns off, and thus there's currently no way for me to run it.

Conspiratorial ideas as to Microsoft might be making things more difficult for existing Windows 7 users by slowly breaking down the old OS come to mind, but let's not take it there. I still want to use seven for some time to come, and it'd be best for all of us if Microsoft keep going with the support for some time too...

So I had dinner.

Still not working.

Tried a different computer. No dice.

Finally looked up ISP status via phone, and it turns out they have problems with basically everything today. Their status page is crashing, another site showed 16,000 active problem reports the last day, someone suggested changing DNS servers to Google in the comments...

Changed 'em. It worked. I'm back. That's all.

Missed an auction though. Oh well.

The Flames Of Progress

I've been following the newsletter on this STOP 5G THING for a while now, and every once in a while these gems pop into my inbox that make me want to throw my phone in a river and never get one again.

Instead I ordered a new one the other day, since the screen just cracked on my current one... one with lower SAR values at least.

Of course this makes little difference. Not for me; nor for others. I'm making other changes, spreading information when I can, but sometimes the endeavors seem hopeless. When people with the power to make a difference are either naive or in denial, and people in power are fierce and fatalistic, or don't believe these problems apply to them.

But I'll leave an excerpt from that letter below, if maybe it inspires you to change something about your life. Or the world. Or both. You can read the full thing here. Alternatively subscribe yourself via the first link.

I have been entrusted with the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, but I find myself bewildered -- bewildered by the devastation around me; by the destruction of the cathedral of life into which I was born; by the silencing of the songs of the fifty million other species with whom I was raised; by the failure of my fellow human beings to care or to notice. How can they not miss their brothers and sisters? How can they not miss the magnificent symphony? How is it possible?
“The oceans are dying,” wrote Jacques Cousteau in 1970. “Can anyone believe it is possible,” wrote Rachel Carson in 1962, “to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?” “I have seen too much,” said microwave researcher Allan Frey in 1969, explaining why he did research on animals and not humans. “I do not feel that I can take people into these fields and expose them and in all honesty indicate to them that they are going into something safe.”
Yet here we are half a century later: there will soon be more plastics than fish in the oceans, the world uses four times more pesticides per year than in 1962, and five billion people are holding open sources of microwave radiation in their hands.
The Earth is burning, yet no firefighters come. In the face of certain catastrophe, everyone is going about their business as if everything is fine, as if by magic the synthetic fibers in our clothing and the rubber tires on our automobiles will stop becoming microplastics in the sea; as if the few insects left in the world will magically escape the pesticides that we apply to our lawns and the radiation from the cell phones into which we speak. Everyone is still going about their business as if everything is fine. Isn’t it time that we stop? And since the most immediate threat to life comes from our cell phones, isn’t it time to throw them away?

It is, isn't it? If not to throw them away for good then at least to make a change. Make them better. Chop down some towers. Find a healthier form of transmission than microwaves, that don't just make us tired and weak, but have the potential to destroy both humankind and the world as we know it. Really. STOP 5G.

Some Spam

Spam For Lunch?

Sometimes it's appreciatively entertaining to sift through this stuff.

The context as to which posts the comments are posted on are the entertaining part.

The New Blue Screen

The New Blue Screen

Was wondering when I'd get a message about this, and bam, here it is. Full screen blue screen for the first time today, without warning just as I was surfing the net. Doesn't bode well for the upgrade they suggest, where unwanted, unwarranted, without-warning notifications like this seem to be one of the main new features...

I'm just not very pro-Microsoft these days. Holding on to some vague hope that they'll come to their senses and take the right road again, but these days it just doesn't seem likely...

10 Years On Twitter

Firing up my page of twitters. Vrrrrrmmmmm....

And that's not even counting my first account. :) Feels like I need to commemorate this somehow.

I was there before it was a thing. Before status updates turned to communiqués, news items and political statements. Before it was cool. Before it was censored. Before it felt like a good use of time to stay active and contribute (does it now?)... but I hear they're introducing the privilegium to delete inactive accounts at will, so maybe I'll actually have to up that fire a little further soon...

Maybe 2020, when I actually have something to promote there.

Happy 10th, old profile of mine.

Giant Robot On eBay Again

The first attempt didn't work out! Hope this time they got some serious buyers... apparently it's sold again.

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