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12 30-Inch Flatscreens Mounted

Holy shit, check this out.

UPD: Link dead, removed.

My DeathSpace

Only three things are certain in life. MySpace, Taxes, and Death.

If you have a MySpace account and you die, this is where you will end up. memorializes deceased MySpace users and picks up where a regular obituary leaves off.

Click the MySpace Deaths link at the top to view the latest MySpace Deaths!


Spam? Finally!

Well... really, it's not something to look forward to, but spam is a sign that sites are growing... or that there isn't enough security... and I prefer the first option. ;) Anyhow, a bunch of casino poker comments arrived today and I decided to add some anti-spam plugins, so no more spam, k, lol...

1000 MBit

Early 2007 the first 10,000 customers will be able to enjoy their 1000MB connections, at first they will have to pay about 1100KR ($120) a month but since the net is open and therefore invites competing ISP's the prices will drop dramatically in the first year. Sweden was first with 10MB And 100MB connections and will be first again with the 1000MB connection. Sweden continues to be the world leader! :D

At first the connections will only be available in Lund, but it will soon spread around the whole country. Isn't Sweden great? :D

One Billion Views

Josh made a bet with his friends over 20 cartons of beer ($1000 dollars worth) that he would be able to achieve the impossible and get over one billion visits on a site. Since there are only a little over 1 billion people who have ever visited the net he has set up a system counting hourly page views using IP and cookies (each visitor per hour counts as 1 view) instead of unique visitors.

Visit One Billion Views and help him get more page views! ^_^

Have a great day!

UPD: Site is down since a while back. Did he ever get a billion views? I don't know, last time I checked he was past ten million, but it's a long way from there... The site turned into a little entertainment portal to lure in visitors, viral media, jokes, etcetc. Doesn't seem like it made it very far though.

Fortune Cookies!

Would you like a daily fortune cookie for free? You can't have the cookie, but you can have the message written inside it announced daily by podcast.

Check out Cookie Cast

UPD: Site disappeared. Shame, it was a pretty cool idea.

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