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After unofficially testing Microsofts newest piece of hardware, Windows Vista. I got to be one of the first people to officially test it in Sweden. Me and my buddy Big Bear went to the Microsoft offices in Kista for a series of demonstrations. The Microsoft personnel were seemingly more in amount than the people who actually visited the place. Probably because 1.) In half a day/one night it switched over from fall to winter and it's now -13C in the sun, the ground coated with a thick white layer of snow 2.) The main entrance to the building was not the right entrance to the building, the real entrance being around the corner away from public viewability 3.) Sunday.

Anyway, we eventually found the entrance and when inside we got to play a little XBox 360, eat vegetarian hotdogs, Browse around on the Internet with a 100MB connection, check out Vistas all great new features and get ourselves a pair of T-Shirts with MSN emoticons, keychains, pencils and a pocketful of candy. Oh, and did I mention all of this was free? Microsoft seems to have way to much income, but if it's for events like this all their products are sold then maybe I'll even buy their new operating system, hehe. Hmm, so for my thoughts on their new operating system? They sure managed to brainwash me, I think it's great, but I'll stay with XP until this computer expires and I get a new one. Btw, if you search for XP Black you'll find a real treasure. ;)

In other news, 4 new artfilled boxes have been added to, lookit. Sorry for the lack of recent site updates, when the next post is posted it will be a big one, I promise you that. :)
Oh, and check out Big Bears blog about this.

End Of Free Hosting

It's the end of all hosting! We offer. New and interesting free hosts such as, and are arriving to the Internet. Free hosting is reaching a new era where the limitations are less and the features are more. As in the great world of piracy where the borders between what you buy and steal are minor the lines between free and paid hosting are starting to dissolve. The more that is offered for smaller prices the more buyers and the more income, eventually. That's how it's starting to work! Hosts cannot survive with high prices and small hosting accounts anymore, the bigger the better - and not only that, but reliability and speed is starting to play an even bigger role than before! The size of our hard drives, servers and facilities are greater than before, so the opportunaties within hosting are getting grander and greater. Ad revenue can now generate all the income needed to run a free host! The more dedicated you are, the more you get for your work. It's a time of quality where limits are needless. After the introduction of hosts will have to change the way they work if they do not want to run out of business, so except a great deal of surprises and good deals from now on.

We need not offer hosting anymore now that there are better alternatives out there, all of you who will have to move your accounts, is the one we reccomend most. They have good support, good servers, good stats, good plans and nice people. All webhosting accounts at will remain until Febuary 1st, after that they're gone, so backup and leave ASAP!
Thats all, to the future.

I Can't Find Gmail On Google!

By using our service, your website ( will automatically gain positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN within 5-7 weeks. We will increase your link popularity (Page RankTM), as your website will have a large amount of new back-links from all the search engines.

(link removed)

Kind regards
The search engine marketing experts

They call themselves marketing experts? lmao, I love spam...
I was browsing through my SPAM this morning, and this is what I found! Subject of the post is the subject of their message. LMAO.

Microsoft Buys Mozilla!

Microsoft buys Mozilla! O_o Nothing more to say, just visit this site and see for yourself!!! This sucks...

UPD: Site is gone, they probably got sued or something...

Link Update 2

Yeah, it's that time of time again! The time when I go through my bookmarks, removing the old non-working links and cleaning up, adding the real treasures to the sites almighty links page. So, here are the scores:


(sites that have disappeared)
dogmas NG ranks section (maybe)


(links added to the links page)

Also, it's world aids day today. Not really worth 'celebrating', maybe donating some cash to the unfortunate is better. :P Anyway, go here for more info:

View additional info for the rest, if you like. I don't want to clutter up the front page too much. ;)

Read on...


CyberDoze is now a proud sponsor of the great xennoBB community. In other words, were hosting it. If you haven't been there yet, go check it out, and if you haven't visited CyberDoze yet, a link is available at the bottom of their page, hehe.

Also, been playing the flash game red ALL day, check it out here. and let me know if I'm the only one who gets addicted of it... must be the best game of the century...

UPD: Red link removed, search the arcade to play.

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