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There are two types of bloggers. Those who just blog, and those who have a reason for blogging. I think I fit right in the first category. Why do I blog? I don't know. Am I writing this because I want you to read it? I don't think so. Am I trying to market something? Make money? Make friends? Make all of the above? Well if I could live on my blog, I'd be happy, and who knows, maybe I should start blogging for a reason, and make a living this way, instead of just writing long runons sentences when I feel like it. Yeah. Right. Whatever.

To blog or not to blog, that's not the question, because I'll keep blogging, there's no doubt about that. The doubt exists in whether I'll keep blogging for myself or for others. For example, maybe I find a great program, and I use it for years, then it breaks and I rant about it. That's me blogging for me. If I find a good program, and I think "Hey, maybe I should tell the world about this great program I found", that's me blogging for somebody else. Blogging for others can be appreciative if you get a lot of readers, and coincidentally you'll start getting a lot of readers only when you blog for others. So what's the moral of the story? Will I start blogging for others? Yeah. Right.

I stumble upon great blogs all the time, and I read through them sometimes, and sometimes I post a comment, and sometimes I don't, and that's the end of this story. But not really, it'll go on and on. Forever. For all time. For eternity.


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