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Blood Of Redemption (2013)

Blood Of Redemption (2013)

This is the story of a dead man. Dolph Lundren, that's the man who dies... we think. But what's his story? And how did it all end this way? We move back three years within the movie, to a time when a certain family led a counterfeiting business in a certain place, to the fragile bonds between rich people and the turn of events that ended in a brother spending three years in jail, his girlfriend sleeping with the enemy, the other brother becoming an FBI agent, the father getting killed and his bodyguard spending some time alone and eventually returning to solve the puzzle: to figure out who was behind it all. Dolph is this bodyguard.

It's a bit of a mixture between noire, thriller and drama, with a plot riddled by details that'll make sense towards the end. If you pick them up earlier maybe you'll get an even larger reward out of it! Personally, I didn't pick up any of the clues. I feel I should have, but it took until the end for me to realize who did what and why... or at least near the end. At the end, I knew what to expect; I knew how it would really end.

The acting didn't seem completely convincing in the beginning, but as we grow to know the characters, and step along their shadows through the days and dark nights of their lives, we eventually immerse ourselves into the criminal world they live in. It all makes sense. There's no thick line between right and wrong, there's just friends and enemies (at times the police shine with their lack of presence), and sometimes we don't know who is really who. It leaves me in a somewhat melancholy and enlightened mood. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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