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Blood Quantum (2019)

Blood Quantum (2019)

Indian zombie movie? Hell yeah!

It's got the grit. Realistic blood. Twisted family relations and a bad-ass grandfather.

It feels a bit like 28 Days Later, with a little Mad Max and Dawn Of The Dead and Grindhouse (Planet Terror) all mixed together.

In the beginning it truly felt like a classic - like they tried going for a fresh start in the zombie world rather than building upon the existing genre - but as it goes on... well let's just say it feels a bit less thorough.

The beginning was SO GOOD. Really wish it could've kept going with a similar attention to detail all the way till the end, but it feels like something was lost with the sixth month skip - inventive as it might've been - and nothing comes across all as authentic after that. Like they've clearly siphoned away certain parts of the world, of secrets and personality, even though the theme revolving so much around the baby is a new touch.

It's a zombie movie unlike others though. Good cast. Great filming. Not perfect with the latter half. Not sure if I should give it a four or...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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