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Blueberry (2004)

Blueberry (2004)

Well that was awesome, I'm thinking, as the camera pans through the mountains, out into the desert and far far away to the stars.

But it wasn't really what I expected. You'd think they could have chosen a tougher actor to play Blueberry. It's not that I have anything against Vincent Cassel, but he does not look tough. Michael Madsen plays the villian, as so many other times, and an interesting cast, most notable Geoffrey Lewis and Juliette Lewis, father and daughter in the movie just as in... real life! And I thought Will and Jayden Smith were the first to do something like this in After-Earth. They both put on a great performance, and I used to be just a fan of the former (he's been in a ton of awesome action flicks over the years) but now I'm definately a fan of both.

What the movie's about? Well it's about Mike, who grows up, makes love for the first time and looses his love at the same time, sees her goes up in smoke along with the man who killed her, stumbles out of town on a tired horse and is taken in by Indians, comes back to town and somewhere along the line becomes a marshall, and one day, bad memories come back to haunt him.

At the beginning it really has that western atmosphere, but towards the end it's more about the spirit world, the Indian world, and it's a both beautiful and psychadelic experience followed by an interesting nude scene with Juliette Lewis swimming under water and Mike following after... I wonder what Geoffrey thought about that? It's a movie riddled with beautiful sceneries; life experience, and not as much Western as I'd expected. Not as much influence of the comics either, there's not even a train, no prison break, no revolution, no war... none of the things that really characterized the comic... and the main character's totally different than his more static countrperart. But I should've known better huh, having expectations that the cimematical thing would've been the same as the one on paper? In a way I'm glad they made something different, it surprised me.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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