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This is probably one of the biggest designs that I've archived. The first version of Bob Axell (well, not really first, but the first big one) was an ambitious project. Though it was made static the final design constitutes well over a few hundred files. I've added a lot of dynamic function through JavaScript, which you'll see while using the menu or navigating through various sections. There are small popup windows, a tiny help section, a lot of creative content (most of it has moved along with each new design) and one of my favorite designs out of the ones I've made thus far. The fork you see in the logo is actually a picture I saw in a magazine, scanned it, and modified it for header use. Apart from that image, and a couple of flag icons made by FamFamFam, it's all mine. Mind all mine. :)

If you browse the blog list you'll find a lot of links that no longer work. I'm aware of this, but I left them intact anyway since I'm thinking I might look up some of those entries later on through the WayBack machine. The code is far from valid XHTML and CSS too, I used tables back when I made this so it's a mess codewise, but graphically? Was I ahead of my time or what! :D


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