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Body Cam (2020)

Body Cam (2020)

I thought this'd be a bit like Black And Blue, or that other similar movie I can't recall the name of, but it was a real horror story instead, with the bodycam more as an excuse than main theme. In the end it was evidence, but what good did it really do? It was the ghost who did all work after all.

It starts off with Paranormal Activity vibes - horror movie on a budget made to look like that's how it's supposed to be - but it soon turns pretty intense, and captivating, and though the perfection of special effects is all diluted by darkness, and that how police officers don't always see what we see somehow seems to come across more as bad filming/acting than a clever viewpoint, it really does bring an eerie atmosphere with it.

And you don't see it all coming at all.

It started off in a way that I thought it'd be more about police injustices than anything else, and in the end it is but... not really.

Almost feels like the neighborhood scene might've been something they added in later on. Or maybe they just rushed release, and it didn't turn out exactly as intended.

Doesn't feel entirely wholesome, but not bad at all.

Props on twist.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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