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Bodyguards: Secret Lives From The Watchtower (2016)

Bodyguards: Secret Lives From The Watchtower (2016)

Here's a documentary about bodyguards.

Mikey Arana, Shamir Bolivar, Scooter Braun, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, a training camp for bodyguards, female bodyguards, 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, party people and powerhouses. It's basically a series of interviews with different bodyguards, from different backgrounds, guarding different people, and glimpses into the lives of the ones they guard/guarded, and other parts of their past.

It's interesting all the way, even if nothing spectacular happens, and it has a commercial tone that is at least during the first phase of the movie a bit annoying. It tells the tales well though, from a bodyguard perspective, and weaves between them so all stories end around the end of the movie.

I guess I was a bit disappointed to see that bodyguards aren't so different from normal people, albeit maybe kinder, and tougher, of course. They're only human, yet somehow they chose the roles of being bullet catchers for some stranger. What a twist of fate!

The truest moment in the movie feels like Anton Kalaydjian's little epilogue about the number one sacrifice in the business: time. Of spending time living someone else's life. Celebrating their birthdays. Celebrating their Christmases. Being a part of their family, but never creating your own. He was the guy who started his career protecting 50 Cent too, and took a few shots while he was at it. Tough guy, but that part's straight from the heart.

Kim Coates plays the role of narrator, and does it well, even if the narration sometimes oversells itself. It was an inspiring, eye-opening, and yet not that revealing glimpse into the lives of those that live for others. A good documentary on an area of expertise that sometimes seems almost like an area of myth. You get to see who these people really are, and hear their stories. I was hoping for more, but maybe that's all you really need.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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