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Born To Race (2011)

Born To Race (2011)

I watched the sequel to this one years ago, now finally: time for the first!

At this point I don't remember much about the second, but this one was so much like Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious). It's pretty much like they copied it, and since this is the one that came after the other: that doesn't sound impossible.

The story is that of a boy who has to live with his father, who's into racing, who meets a girl, who goes to school and gets a rival and does a lot of stupid shit - which is the exact same story as in the aforementioned movie. Even the place and cast look familiar.

It doesn't feel as streamlined though, and they don't have the same sense of progress before the big race - just a lot of going back and forth between the rivals - and the dad, rather than actual track practice and improvement. It feels messier, but at the same time a bit more authentic that way, and both characters and locations are definitely more like real-world characters than in the blockbuster alternative. The cars are mostly normal cars too. I mean they're race cars but: race cars with a budget.

I enjoyed the terminology too, which made it seem like the people behind this movie know a lot more about cars than the ones behind the one it was based on. Maybe they got cheated out of that deal, somehow, and chose to take revenge by making this alternative version of it. I'd like to imagine there's a noble purpose there, and not just bad imagination.

I appreciate that they actually crashed the rival car too. The ending really packed a surprise punch with that.

Clone or no it was fun to watch, and looking at my review for the second it seems like script writing may not be a skillset of this particular director. The sequel seems like pretty much the same thing, but on the track instead of the streets, and it does seem like this is the best of the two. It had Tech N9ne on the intro as well! Hell yeah. Starts good. Ends good too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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