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Boss (2013)

Boss (2013)

Akshay Kumar is the Boss! He's a boss raised by Big Boss. He has a father who refuses to acknowledge him, a somewhat tragic history growing up, a catchphrase about not caring, just 'getting the water' which has a larger significance than you may at first think, sweat that makes plants grow, and a brother that gets into trouble. He gets both a contract to save him (from his dad - still unwilling to acknowledge him but all the same with no one else to turn to) and to kill him, from the antagonist in the movie.

In difference from all other Bollywood Supercop movies (like Singham or Rowdy Rathore), the Boss is not a cop. There is a corrupt supercop involved though, and the final fight between these two is the real highlight of the movie. There's plenty of action, there's plenty of fun, there's craze and dance and relationship drama mixed in with the intrigue. You know the deal. And the main character is Akshay Kumar so... Great movie!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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