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Bowling Scores!

I go bowling occasionally. Occasionally it goes great, occasionally everything goes to the gutter, and on special occasion I even make it to the charts for a day or week - however long they're configured to last. I keep printed bowling records from these rare sport session neatly stashed away in the same binder where I stash away all other important papers, like invoices and paychecks, and I recently received this question: what do I normally score? Since there is no normal for me when it comes to bowling I decided to dig up some numbers, mash them all together and divide by the 33 games I've played (or at least that I have records of playing) these past five years or so.

So what's my normal score? 108.6. Highest? 219! Lowest? 50...

And if you're interested in the entire series, it goes something like this - in no particular order: 118, 120, 143, 142, 139, 124, 219, 96, 112, 112, 101, 116, 123, 170, 110, 104, 64, 98, 128, 119, 132, 104, 106, 109, 63, 105, 97, 50, 138, 94, 130. If I start doing this more regularly, maybe I can make more of these totally pointless but maybe somewhat interestingly statistical calculations! Until then.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Dec/4/2014

    if you like numbers, you could also find the standard deviation, truncated mean, median, mean once removing the outliers...I thought high scores were bad in bowling anyhow...doesn't matter, basketball is the only good sport there is anyway :P

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/4/2014

    Haha, I guess I'm more interested in the pure, unaltered, natural numbers you know? ;) The higher the better! 300 is the dream score - all strikes.

    I thought that was for basket cases. :P

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